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Questions for August 25th, 2008

EASY Q: This first-family of the Democrats featured 2 brothers who were both linked to the same lascivious (bottle) blonde back in the 1950s and 1960s. The most memorable evidence of this little affair was an innocent song sung in a not so innocent way during a birthday party of all things! What is this family's name?
EASY A: Kennedy
MEDIUM Q: Currently on Showtime's amazingly funny comdey "Weeds," this former Saturday Night Live performer acted as Senator Joseph R. Biden during the Clarence Thomas hearings when he was being nominated for Supreme Court. Also seen doing "The World's Funniest Commercials" on TBS when there's a rain-delay in a Braves game, who is this actor?
MEDIUM A: Kevin Nealon
HARD Q: Also on Saturday Night Live (but about a decade after the last question), Will Farrell played a "woman" who was well-known in Washington during her tenure under Clinton. Holding "dance parties" in the basement, the REAL woman burst through the stage wall in the final episode of Farrell's interpretation of her. Name this woman.
HARD A: Janet Reno
Since my last conference didn't show up, I have a few minutes to put a new trivia up. Here are the results from the last one (back in August): Jim & Drew are the politicos / SNL fans who came in perfect this week. Carrie missed only the MEDIUM (ah, dear, it still gets you), and Bern, Kim Ma, and Elrod all got the EASY, but missed the other two.

Questions for August 18th, 2008

EASY Q: I wouldn't necessarily call this group the grandfathers of today's boy bands, but they hit a frenzied peak in the 1980s when every teenybopper screamed and fainted whenever they were around. All from Boston, these kids are most definitely the mold that today's boy bands try to follow. Oddly enough, their biggest link to success in today's world is one of the members' little brother, Mark, who has become an Oscar nominee. Who is the band?
EASY A: New Kids on the Block
MEDIUM Q: One of Delaware's claims to fleeting fame is that it is a tax-free shopping state. In New England, there is also a tax-free shopping state, oddly enough, with the motto "Live Free or Die." What state is this?
MEDIUM A: New Hampshire
HARD Q: Taking far too long and costing WAY too much, there was this huge construction project UNDER the city of Boston designed to make traffic better and increase the park area in the city to make it look nicer. What was this three-word rhyming name that was used to describe it? (HINT: The first word is "THE" and the other two words rhyme)
HARD A: "The Big Dig"
Bernie! I did it, baby! I got the trivia back! Good job getting the EASY and MEDIUM done correctly! Unfortunately, the other two people who answered got everything correct: Kim Ma and Matt nailed the EASY, MEDIUM, and HARD questions to tie above the fray. Maybe I should make this harder this week...

Questions for August 6th, 2008

EASY Q: Born a few DECADES before I was, this man wrote an amazing song which became the state song for Georgia. Who was this talented individual who wrote "Georgia on my Mind"?
EASY A: Ray Charles
MEDIUM Q: There's this little area in North Carolina where both University of North Carolina and Duke are located. The Tarheels and the Blue Devils are enemies, but their little stretch of road is called what? (HINT: Think "cash crop")
MEDIUM A: Tobacco Road
HARD Q: The two lead singers of the song "Shiny Happy People" both come from the same small town in Georgia. Name the BANDS they belong to AND name the small town.
HARD A: Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) and Kate Pierson (The B-52's) are both from Athens, GA
Only two people bothered to check this week, but I don't blame them. It's been a while since I have been sufficiently motivated. In any case, Karen got the EASY and MEDIUM questions technically correct to finish with 5 points (Tobacco Road is a terminology used to discuss the tobacco-growing area of North Carolina and, most commonly, the college basketball rivalry). Kim finishes behind her with just the EASY one. Better luck this week!

Questions for March 11th, 2008

EASY Q: Marilyn Monroe is a famous name, especially in the context of being a sex symbol, but she was born under what name?
EASY A: Norma Jean Baker (Mortensen)
MEDIUM Q: What baseball player did Marilyn marry in 1954, divorcing after only 9 months?
MEDIUM A: "Joltin'" Joe DiMaggio
HARD Q: When she died in 1962, she had a film in production, but what was the title of her last COMPLETED film?
After almost 5 months, Trivia has returned! So, here's who did what: Carrie, Jim, Bernie, Kim Me, and Kat all got everything correct for totals of 10 points! Kim Ma missed both the EASY and HARD questions, while Kate finishes in last wtih just the EASY answer! Good luck this week!

Questions for February 26th, 2008

EASY Q: "Early morning, April 4... shot rings out... in a Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life, but they could not take your pride!" This line from U2's "Pride (In the Name of Love)" was written about the 1968 assassination of what civil rights luminary?
EASY A: Martin Luther King, Jr.
MEDIUM Q: On November 17th, an NFL game between The Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets was interrupted with 1 minute and 5 seconds left in regulation so NBC could air a family-friendly movie. The score was NYJ 32, OAK 29, but Oakland came back and scored 2 touchdowns in that final minute to win 43 - 32. THOUSANDS of fans flooded NBC's switchboard to complain. What movie did NBC choose to air? (HINT: The game has been infamously renamed after this movie - "The ________ Game")
HARD Q: Republican candidate Richard M. Nixon won the 1968 presidential election, but who was the Democratic candidate he edged out? (HINT: He was Johnson's vice-president)
HARD A: Hubert H. Humphrey
It took 2 weeks, but I did get a lot of people answering! Kim Me decides to pop her head up and gets a PERFECT score! Joining her in the pantheon of perfection is the lovely and inimitable Kat. Jimmy comes in next with 7 points, and there's a 3-way tie in 3rd with Bernie, Kristin, and Carrie all missing the HARD question. Both Karen and Kate decided to miss the MEDIUM and HARD questions, so they sit in last with only 2 points each.

Questions for February 19th, 2008

EASY Q: In terms of YOUNGEST, everyone knows who the youngest ELECTED president was (John F. Kennedy), but who was the youngest SITTING president? (HINT: He served 8 years, but was only elected once)
EASY A: Theodore Roosevelt (took office upon the assassination of William McKinley at the age of 42 years and 322 days - John F. Kennedy was elected president when he was 43 years and 236 days. When Roosevelt was officially elected in 1904, he was 46)
MEDIUM Q: Over the course of presidential history, we have had 2 father-and-son combinations elected to the presidency. We have also had distant relatives as well, but who was the ONLY president to serve 2 terms, non-consecutively?
MEDIUM A: Grover Cleveland
HARD Q: A little White House trivia centered around the president! We all know that, out of the 43 presidents, only 42 have lived in the White House (Washington being the one elected before it was completed). Which U.S. President was the only one on record to have been STUCK in the bathtub, having to get pried out by White House attendants?
HARD A: William Howard Taft
Wow... you all know your presidents!! Jim, The Great Kate, Da Baltzes, and a returning Kim Me all get perfect 10s this week! Amazing! Carrie missed the MEDIUM question (damn that MEDIUM question), and Karen got ANOTHER zero! Sheesh, woman! You're the one always on my ass for this stuff! Where's the knowledge?!

Questions for February 12th, 2008

EASY Q: Which Harry Potter book featured a roaming band of dwarves, going through Hogwarts Castle, delivering singing Valentines at the behest of one of the teachers? DOUBLE POINT BONUS: Which teacher?
MEDIUM Q: We have all had the little candy hearts with the sayings on them for Valentine's Day, but which company actually makes the OFFICIAL brand of those hearts?
HARD Q: Beginning in 1634, taking 22 years, and employing over 20,000 workers during that time, this still-standing structure is the most enduring testament to love ever. Commissioned by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, what is the name that this shrine is most commonly known by?
HARD A: The Taj Mahal
Sometimes, I think I outsmart myself by phrasing things certain ways. I could have sworn I would have confused you all with the HARD question, but looking at it now, I can't believe I didn't swap the MEDIUM and HARD questions. Ah well... it's a bitch to come up with V-Day questions anyway! The points run-down... For another week, my favorite Irish girl, Bernie, comes in first with a 9 (double-bonus oints for knowing the teacher), but she ties it up with my boy Jim, who also got the bonus! Kate comes in second, only nailing the HARD question, while complaining Karen finishes in dead last with NO points. For shame...

Questions for January 29th, 2008

EASY Q: I'm not 100% sure this is British in origin (it might be Danish), but this reality show is a huge hit for voyeurs all across the globe. Strangers, crammed together in a house where cameras are everywhere... it's my idea of hell. In any case, the show's title comes from an Orwellian reference to a legendary novel. What show is this?
EASY A: "Big Brother"
MEDIUM Q: I first started watching this show many moons ago with a former girlfriend and her mother. "Trading Spaces" is all about 2 couples, $1,000, and a single room overhaul provided by designers and carpenters. Originally, it was a U.K. show, but of a different title (which is the reason I gave you the American title - I am not THAT stupid). What IS the original show's name? (HINT: It still is in production and can currently be seen on BBC-America for us Yanks)
MEDIUM A: "Changing Rooms"
HARD Q: One of my absolute favorite shows EVER just ended on BBC-America. It was about a detective from 2006 who was hit by a car, and woke up in 1973. He had auditory hallucinations about being in Intensive Care, and had to go through his days as a detective inspector for the period's police force. Brilliantly written and acted, this show is in development by David Kelley for the upcoming television season. Titled after an early '70s David Bowie song, what is this show's name?
HARD A: "Life On Mars"
As I could have predicted, Bernadette, my Irish hottie living in Nottie (Nottingham), got a perfect 10 this week. Coming in right behind, my erudite and wonderful friend Jim missed only the MEDIUM question, getting a 7 this week. Cousin Kat gets a 5, missing only the HARD question, while both Karen & Carrie get 2, missing both the MEDIUM and HARD questions. Oddly enough, everyone who answered, came damn close to the MEDIUM question, but said "Trading Rooms" instead of "Changing Rooms." Oh... in the "flood him with answers" idea, Kim decided to give 2 answers for the EASY question, so I only gave her half credit!

Questions for January 22th, 2008

EASY Q: In FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, Ferris uses his computer to hack into the school and change his absences to a lower number. ORIGINALLY, what was that number of times he was out of school? ***This was not just a "blink and you missed it" moment. Seriously... there was a whole scene about it. So no bitching***
EASY A: 9 times
MEDIUM Q: One of the first movies I remember in which computers were behind almost everything wrong was WARGAMES, where a young Matthew Broderick tried to impress a young Ally Sheedy by playing Global Thermonuclear War with a networked computer. Unfortunately, the computer thought it should really initiate Global Thermonuclear War. The super-computer had 2 names: Give me one of them. (HINT: One name was what the military called it, the other is what its creator, Dr. Stephen Falken, called it)
MEDIUM A: The WOPR or "Joshua"
HARD Q: A singluarly horrible movie due to all of the completely ludicrous computer "stunts" used, THE NET starred Sandra Bullock as a woman who lost her identity on the web to a group of cyber-terrorists (the movie was made before that term was fashionable) who used a certain symbol to mark their territory. What Greek symbol was it?
Carrie... since she's on a roll, just keeps submitting! Thank God, because her 8 points this week beat Kim's 5 (and, by the way, you misspelled the answer!!), and decimated Karen's big 0!! So, better luck next week. Oh, where all my bitches at? You all disappeared!

Questions for January 15th, 2008

EASY Q: Morgan Freeman played a "crazy" "batman" in this film about a dedicated educator who took over the reins of a run-down, horrible high-school. In the course of the film, he was in a knife fight, made boys sing in the men's room, and almost forced a fat kid to jump off the roof because he was a crack addict (still the quickest and most painless recovery that I've ever seen in a film for a user). What was the name of this movie?
MEDIUM Q: Forcing a physical education teacher to actually teach is pretty much cruel and unusual punishment, but in SUMMER SCHOOL, the dementedly evil vice-principal forces Mark Harmon's character to teach English to a bunch of slackers attending summer school. During the course of the film, one of the slackers forced Harmon's character to have an in-class showing of what classic horror film?
HARD Q: In what movie did Tom Beringer go undercover in a high-school to get revenge on thugs who beat up his teacher girlfriend, all the while taking on a principal who was moving heroin through the school using mercenaries?
Continuing her streak, Carrie gets an 8 this week, missing only the EASY answer. Helping her stay atop this week was the fact that the only other person to submit an e-mail was Kate, and she didn't answer ANYTHING! Eesh.

Questions for January 7th, 2008

EASY Q: Sinfully simple... in the infamous movie RUDY, Sean Astin's character is a spunky sparkplug of a guy who, despite his diminutive stature, goes and gets a spot on a legendary college football team. What school was this movie set at?
MEDIUM Q: Probably my favorite college football movie, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS featured several interesting characters who had to come together and make a football team at a second-tier school in Texas. The kicker was that the kicker (see what I did there?) was a girl! Ha! What former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model played this role?
MEDIUM A: Kathy Ireland
HARD Q: Okay... it's Adam Sandler. Everyone has seen THE WATERBOY. I won't take no for an answer on that one. For the love of God, USA and TBS play it at least 2 times every week! In any case, the evil coach, Red, also happened to play a truck-drivin', dog-lovin', beer-haulin' partner to Burt Reynolds' "Bandit" in prior decades. Oh, he's also a country singer. What was the actor's name?
HARD A: Jerry Reed
Most impressive! The past 2 trivias have been dominated by Ms. Medium, herself! Carrie Beth has a perfect 10 this week (the Jerry Reed lover she is) to lead the estrogenical triumverate. Both Karen & Kim Ma missed the MEDIUM and HARD questions, so they place 2nd (and last) with 2 points each.

Questions for December 17, 2007 - January 7, 2008

Q1: In the immortal Christmas classic "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," how many sizes did the Grinch's heart grow at the end of the show?
A1: 3
Q2: The Abominable Snow-Beast in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" went by another name when it came to Yukon Cornelius. What was that name?
A2: The Bumble
Q3: Okay... everyone knows that Ebeneezer Scrooge had a huge change of heart in every instance of A Christmas Carol, but what EXACTLY was the 1 thing that tipped him from miserly to generous?
A3: Seeing his name etched in the gravestone
Q4: A Christmas Story had a bunch of memorable characters, but what was Ralphie's little brother's name?
A4: Randy
Q5: This 1980s hair-metal band actually put out a Christmas album called "Twisted Christmas." Who was this gang of made-up elves?
A5: Twisted Sister
Q6: In the greatest Christmas special of all time, who actually told Charlie Brown what the true meaning of Christmas was?
A6: Linus Van Pelt
Q7: In the song "The 12 Days of Christmas," how many musicians were featured in the gifts given by the one, true love?
A7: 23
Q8: Keeping in the same vein, how many dancers were featured in "The 12 Days of Christmas"?
A8: 19
Q9: In the very first season of "The Brady Bunch," Carol loses her voice before soloing at her choir's Christmas concert. Little Cindy asks Santa for her mommy's voice back so she can sing what song at the church?
A9: "O Come All Ye Faithful"
Q10: We've all heard, read, or had the story read to us, but who originally wrote 'Twas the Night Before Christmas?
A10: C(larke) Clement Moore
Q11: Known for having a creepy father, a lip-syncing sister, and a horrible grasp on reality, Jessica Simpson did a duet a few years back with a gentleman who really doesn't "scream" Christmas while wishing for a "White Christmas." Who was her partner in this duet?
A11: John "Ozzy" Osbourne
Q12: One of my all-time favorite Christmas songs, "Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy" was sang by two legendary singers. This song, recored in the 1970s featured an old-time crooner and a new-age pop-rocker. Who were these two luminaries?
A12: Bing Crosby & David Bowie
Almost a month these questions were up, and I only got 4 responses. FOR SHAME!!! Anyway, the first two ladies to answer tied with 2 correct. The last place finishers were Karen and Kate the Newlywed. In second was Kim Ma who got 6. Our first place finisher was Carrie Beth who kicked Christmas ASS with 10 points. I'm impressed!!

Questions for December 10th, 2007

EASY Q: There are two rather large retail days in America. One happens the day after Thanksgiving, and the other happens after that weekend when everyone returns to work (or, so legend says). What are BOTH of the names of those days?
EASY A: "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday"
MEDIUM Q: In the original and the FIRST remake of MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, there were two competing retail giants mentioned in the film. One was Gimbel's, but the main action happened at this store, which is still in existence today. What is the name of that store?
MEDIUM A: Macy's
HARD Q: In the movie MANNEQUIN, the whole plot revolved around a store called Prince and Company in Philadelphia, PA. The P&C building they used in the movie is actually a very well-known store, which closed down sometime in the 1990s. Located right by Billy Penn, what retail store USED to be an anchor in Center City, Philadelphia and had the most wonderful rendition of The Nutcracker Suite on their Lite-Brite-esque video-wall?
HARD A: John Wannamaker's
Still, the ladies rule! 6 answerers this week and 2 perfect 10s: Kim Ma and Karen. Jal and Carrie both missed the HARD question, but got the other two, and both Kate and Kim Me managed 4 points, missing half of the EASY question as well as the HARD question. Better luck with this super-sized Christmas trivia!!!

Questions for November 19th, 2007

EASY Q: Who usually serves as the end of any reputable Thanksgiving Day parade?
EASY A: Santa Claus
MEDIUM Q: This movie's plot spans a month (from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day) and starts on Thanksgiving Day at The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The original movie, made in the late 1940s, has been remade twice (once in the 1970s and once in the early 2000s). It starred a very young Natalie Wood as a little girl with a grown-up belief system and Maureen O'Hara as her practical mother, an executive in Macy's. What movie is this?
HARD Q: Originally billed as "The Thanksgiving Night Tradition," the World Wrestling Federation (now "World Wrestling Entertainment") hosted a Pay-Per-View pitting teams of superstars against one another in elimination matches, until only 1 team remained. Eventually, this pay-per-view moved off Thanksgiving night, but remained a November event. What was the name of this pay-per-view?
HARD A: Survivor Series
I gave you all, like, 3 weeks to answer these. Eesh. It's been busy lately... sorry. Anyway, on the strength of the wrestling-related question, Wade is #1 with 7 points this week. There's a 3-way... tie at 2nd with Carrie, Karen, and Kim Ma all missing the HARD question. 3rd place consists of Kate (who missed both the EASY and the HARD questions), but last is all Jim's who went 0 for 3. Eesh.

Questions for November 12th, 2007

EASY Q: When touring the Old Jameson Distillery on Saturday, I learned that the top-selling scotch-whiskey in the world was Johnny Walker Red Label. I also learned that the top selling American bourbon is pretty familiar as well. What is this #1 worldwide seller of American bourbon?
EASY A: Jack Daniels
MEDIUM Q: There is a river that runs through Dublin and splits it in half. It is usually mentioned when you are asking for directions or telling someone that they've pissed you off enough that you'll throw them in. What is this river's name?
MEDIUM A: The Liffey
HARD Q: The most photographed monument in Dublin is one of a busty woman selling cockles and mussels out of her cart. As her boobs are practically hanging out, she is known more familiarly as "The Tart with the Cart." There has even been a song about her selling her cockles and mussels! Who is this woman?
HARD A: Molly Malone
4 answers, all from the ladies. I admit, I was a bit shocked not to get responses from Fiona or France, but that's just the way it rolls, I guess! Anyway, no one got a perfect 10 this week. Both Kim Ma and BrittyJ got 8s, missing the EASY question. Carrie, in an absolute last minute submission (literally... I was typing this up as I got her response) gets both the EASY and HARD questions wrong (which is extremely ironic). The Great Kate got just the EASY one correct, so she finishes in last with 2 points.

Questions for November 5th, 2007

EASY Q: Last night, one of the longest running-reality series had its season premiere on CBS. This game-show features 11 teams of 2 people who travel around the world and are forced to interact with the culture, sometimes in very difficult ways. What is this reality show called?
EASY A: "The Amazing Race"
MEDIUM Q: Back when 1980s sitcoms had "very special episodes," some genius felt 30 minutes was simply not enough time, so they started expanding the format to these 2 hour "dramedy" movies. Two hugely-popular sitcoms in that era were "Family Ties" and "The Facts of Life," and they had their own "vacation" movies. Match EITHER show with the foreign country they ended up going to.
MEDIUM A: "Family Ties" went to England while "The Facts of Life" went to Australia
HARD Q: What was the name of the game show at the very beginning of National Lampoon's European Vacation where the Griswolds appeared and won their tour of Europe as a grand prize?
HARD A: "Pig in a Poke"
3 answers and no one got a 0! Cool. What a way to welcome me back. Anyway, Amy got a perfect week with 10 points. Jim got a 5, nailing the HARD question, and my BrittyJ only managed to know about "The Amazing Race," so she comes in last with a pathetic 2.

Questions for October 24th - November 5th, 2007

EASY Q: Actually one of my favorite Christmas songs, a group from the U.K. headed by Bob Geldof recorded and released a song where all the proceeds went to Ethopian famine relief in 1984 / 1985. The song's name was "Do They Know It's Christmas," but what was the superstar band's name?
EASY A: Band Aid
MEDIUM Q: If you were a child in the 1980s, chances are you were dragged out to some place by your parents or teachers and forced to hold hands with people while singing "Hands Across America" with a few others. This was actually a charitable event held by a group fronted by a bunch of celebrities singing that song. What was the organization called?
MEDIUM A: U.S.A. for Africa
HARD Q: Jumping on the bandwagon of super-groupings of the luminaries of entertainment, a large group of heavy metal artists got together and sang a song called "Stars" also for famine relief in Africa (there was a big push about famine relief in the 1980s, people). This took place in 1985, but what was this metal conglomeration called?
HARD A: Hear 'n' Aid
I'm giving Kate a 20 this week because, even though Karen rode my ass to post new Trivia, she didn't bother to answer it. Not only that, but NOT ONE OF YOU (besides The Great Kate) answered either. So Kate wins with a 20 and the rest of you get -600,000 because you all bailed on me. FOR SHAME!!! (By the way... Kate missed the MEDIUM and HARD questions)

Questions for October 15th, 2007

EASY Q: Running Sacred Heart Hospital is a bit of a bear, but this man manages to keep the bottom line and keeps all of the interns in a constant state of worry. A former musician, with a semi-hit by the name of "My Tuscaloosa Heart," who manages to terrify and demean poor Ted, JD, Elliot, Turk, and Carla on "Scrubs"?
EASY A: Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso
MEDIUM Q: One of the first prime-time cartoons, and (I believe) the first network show to feature a married couple in bed... together, "The Flintsones" had Fred working at a rock quarry. What was his boss' name?
MEDIUM A: Mr. Slate
HARD Q: One of the most memorable of the secondary characters on "Seinfeld," this boss had Elaine as his personal assistant. She helped submarine The Poland Springs deal, watched him eat candy bars with a knife and fork, and won a contest to get him on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. What was her former employer's name?
HARD A: Mr. Pitt
Wow... you all sucked this week! The top score was 3 and that was a tie between Karen and Carrie! The lowest score was 2 and that was a tie between Kate and Kim Ma. None of you remembered that Elaine's boss who had an affinity for the 3-D picture, cutting Snickers bars with a knife, and a huge love for Woody Woodpecker was named Mr. Pitt; J. Peterman actually was introduced in the very same episode that she was fired from Mr. Pitt's employ. Better luck this week, losers!!

Questions for October 8th, 2007

EASY Q: Okay, I think EVERYONE knows that Columbus first set sail in 1492 to find a route to for trading purposes from Spain, but where did he think he reached, when he discovered land?
EASY A: India
MEDIUM Q: At approximately 2 a.m. on October 12th, 1492, a sailor spotted land. Which island chain did this land belong to? A big hint: it wasn't a part of the continental United States!
MEDIUM A: The Bahamas
HARD Q: Another fact we are all taught as school children, Columbus' fleet had 3 ships in it: The Niña, The Pinta, and The Santa María. What we may not have been taught is that, The Niña (the smallest ship of the three) was actually its nickname. What was the real name of the third ship?
HARD A: The Santa Clara
Okay... color me impressed. Even though she missed the EASY question, Amy was the only one to know the HARD question! Hell... even *I* didn't know the answer until that morning when I was looking up questions! In any case, Amy is #1 with 8 points this week. The Great Kate comes in second with a decent 5, but Kim Ma comes in last with a pathetic 2. Sorry Kim... I had to rub it into someone!

Questions for October 1st, 2007

EASY Q: It confused and confounded, but this show (debuting in 1993) catptured the hearts and conspiracy theories of millions. Featuring a dynamic duo of intrepid F.B.I. agents going around trying to prove that the truth was out there, this show lasted for numerous years on FOX and even spun off into another (short-lived) show as well as a major motion picture (with a sequel supposedly in development). What show am I referring to?
EASY A: "The X-Files"
MEDIUM Q: Two AMAZING action films came out in the summer of 1993. One featured "Indiana Jones" and the other featured "Dirty Harry Callahan" in the lead roles (but not playing those characters). Indy was framed for murder and chased by Al Gore's ex-roommate and Dirty Harry was trying to overcome ageism by possibly taking a bullet for his employer. What two movies am I referring to?
HARD Q: The song which held the #1 position in the U.S. "Hot 100" charts in January and February of 1993 also held that position for the final 5 weeks of 1992. The songstress (who, back then, wasn't yet married to an ex-New Edition singer) not only sang this song, but starred in a movie with Kevin Costner which featured this song as the tentpole musical element. What was the song's name that held the number 1 spot in the United States for 14 straight weeks?
HARD A: "I Will Always Love You"
Los Baltzes nail the first of our two perfect weeks, but I think it's unfair that there is a mixture of pop culture knowledge to be tapped there! In any case, The Great Kate ties up with her own perfect week. Both Karen and Kim Ma answered all the questions, but both came up short with the other movie besides THE FUGITIVE, ending up in a second place tie with 8.5 points. Carrie was a victim of her own joy. She ended up giving me the movie title for the HARD answer instead of the song title, and lost those 5 crucial points, ending up in 3rd with a 5.

Guest Trivia-Master: Jim

Questions for September 24th, 2007

EASY Q: This galaxy, estimated to be over 13 billion years old, is the home of the planet Earth and inspired a candy bar. Name it.
EASY A: The Milky Way
MEDIUM Q: H. G. Wells wrote a novel in which some mother fuckers from this planet came to Earth to start some shit. What was the novel which inspired a teleplay which inspired countless Sci-Fi fanatics?
HARD Q: In 2006, this sorry excuse for a celestial body was downgraded from "planet" to "dwarf planet" by the International Astronomical Union. What is the name of this body?
HARD A: Pluto
An out-of-this-world quiz leads to a 4-way tie for first place. Kim Ma, Kate, Bern, and the Baltzes all got a perfect 10. We have another tie in second as both Amy & Karen miss the MEDIUM question to end up with 7 point each. In dead last, Carrie continues along with her MEDIUM struggles, but sacrificed her HARD answer with a Uranus joke :-) Fun, eh?

Questions for September 17th, 2007

EASY Q: I think everyone knows this one: The video was a mainstay on early MTV (you remember, when they actually played music videos) featuring a girl in a coffee-shop, a black-and-white comic book, and vaguely 1920s villains in motorcycle helmets chasing the hero through frames until he breaks through into the "real world" at the end of the video. Without completely giving it away by listing the song-title, what band was responsible for this historic video?
EASY A: a-Ha (just so you know, the song was "Take on Me")
MEDIUM Q: In 1980, "Rapper's Delight" hit a peak position of #36 (in The Top 40) becoming the first charting rap song. Later that year, however, Blondie's "Rapture" became the first #1 song to feature rap. While Blondie had a huge career with their earlier, disco-era hits, the group of rappers who performed "Rapper's Delight" are relegated to that bin known as The One-Hit Wonders. What was the group-name of this band of individuals?
MEDIUM A: The Sugarhill Gang
HARD Q: Ostensibly, this group's "Turning Japanese" seemed to be about the Asian culture invading the west, however, in subsequent interviews, it turns out that it was all about that face one might make as they reach climax during masturbation (and yes, that was actually in an interview with this band, so I am not making it up to be funny)! So, now that you've got this song stuck in your head, who was the band?
HARD A: The Vapors
Not so many answers, but we did have a perfect duo! The couple known as The Baltzes manage a perfect 10, hitting all the right spots. My girl, Brittany, comes in second missing only the EASY question (as the video actually predates her birth). Jim, missing only the MEDIUM question, comes in 3rd, as Carrie missed the MEDIUM and HARD questions for a 4th place finish. Ceremonially answering as a birthday present, Cara manages a fat ZERO to come in last. Good job!!

Questions for September 11th, 2007

EASY Q: In one of the most famous renditions of the song "Happy Birthday" ever sung, which now-dead starlet breathlessly wished the then-sitting American president, John F. Kennedy, a very, VERY happy birthday?
EASY A: Marilyn Monroe
MEDIUM Q: Previously known as "Mr. Witherspoon," this now-divorced actor is turning 33 today. He was born in Delaware and came to prominence as a gay teen in a soap opera before hitting it big in the movie where he met his now-ex-wife: CRUEL INTENTIONS. Who is this actor?
MEDIUM A: Ryan Phillippe
HARD Q: This musician, a direct descendant of Herman Melville, was born Richard Melville Hall on September 11th, 1965 in Harlem, NY. His collaborations and remixes have gained him a huge following in the dance music industry. What is this musician's stage name?
HARD A: Moby
I was extremely happy this week to get 9 people trying to answer, so thanks! The breakdown? Incredible! 4 of you were perfect (Amy, Brittany, Kim Me, and John & Jal), while the remainder (that's 5 for you non-math people) only missed the HARD question! Pretty sweet! So the second place finishers were Kim Ma, Karen, Kat, Shazza, and the returning Carrie. Good luck this week folks!

Guest Trivia-Master: Jim

Questions for September 4th, 2007

EASY Q: Although the real cause of the war was hundreds of years of European politics, Americans learn the war started because this guy got shot.
EASY A: Archduke Franz Ferdinand
MEDIUM Q: The sinking by German U-boats of this British ship carrying U.S. passengers was the immediate cause of the U.S.' entry into the war.
MEDIUM A: The RMS Lusitania
HARD Q: U.S. President Woodrow Wilson led with the Prime Ministers of Great Britain and France in Paris in 1919. Who were they?
HARD A: David Lloyd George (Great Britain) and Georges Clemenceau (France)
Even though I screwed up the week, Jimmy had some great questions! I only got 2 points as I missed both the HARD and MEDIUM questions. Go figure... I'm an American dullard! Anyway, the breakdown of this historical trivia is as follows: Kat got 5 points, missing only the HARD question, The Great Kate got 3 missing both the EASY and HARD questions, Kim got a 2 missing both the MEDIUM and HARD questions, and Karen got a -15 for making fun of me AND getting none right. Let's see how y'all do this week!

Guest Trivia-Mistress: Amy

Questions for August 27th, 2007

EASY Q: In Renaissance Man, Danny Devito's character (Bill Rego) taught a group of military hopefuls that were referred to as "The Double D's." What did "Double D" stand for?
EASY A: "D"umb as "D"ogshit
MEDIUM Q: In Revenge of the Nerds II, Ogre is referred to by his full name for what is the only time in the movie series. What is his full name?
MEDIUM A: Frederick Polowatski
HARD Q: In Real Genius, Val Kilmer leads his other genius friends to a party with students from another school. What was the name of this school?
HARD A: Wanda Trossler School of Beauty
Amy's first shot at trivia and only 3 answering people. That sucks! Anyway, Kate gets the HARD question right and leads the troika with 5 points. I came in second getting the EASY question and half of the MEDIUM question, meaning I got 3.5 points. Kim got a big ZERO, so she is the last-place finisher! Better luck this week!

Questions for August 20th, 2007

EASY Q: In the movie Billy Madison, what was the giant animal that Billy continually saw when he was overly drunk?
EASY A: A penguin
MEDIUM Q: My favorite comedy starring rappers starred the 1980s duo of Kid N Play. In this movie (NOT entitled House Party), Kid N Play were mismatched students in high school where one was a brain and one was a criminal. Since it was a switch, the brain ended up in the criminal's world and the criminal ended up in the geek's world. What was the title of this movie?
HARD Q: Before I ask the question, I'll let everyone know that spelling DOES NOT COUNT for this one! Anyway, in the movie Back to School, Thornton Mellon had to write a paper on a famous (now-dead) American author. In order to write it, he actually paid the author to write it himself. Who was this author?
HARD A: Kurt Vonnegut
Only 5 people this week and 1 newbie! I have no idea who Dan is, but he didn't do so poorly! However, The Great Kate was on top with 7 points this week. Carrie missed both of the bottom questions, but finished with 5 to die with the aforementioned Dan (who missed the HARD one). Karen guesses her way to a 2, but Kim didn't get any right. Bad Kim!

Questions for August 13th, 2007

EASY Q: Okay... we know that, after the first season, the kids were in Bayside High School. Where did they all (except Lisa) work during that one summer under Leon Corosi?
EASY A: Malibu Sands Beach Club
MEDIUM Q: That first season? When they were still in 8th grade? When Kelly and Jesse and Slater didn't exist? Yeah... that season. What STATE was the junior high located in? (HINT: It wasn't California)
MEDIUM A: Indiana
HARD Q: In the entrepreneurial episode when there were warring factions of the "Saved by the Bellers" going after the market-share of friendship bracelets, what were the names of BOTH the start-up company run by Jesse, Slater, and Kelly -AND- the name of the final product the two groups combined to form at the end of the episode?
HARD A: Buddy Bands & Love Cuffs
Okay... this was a weird week. I mean, it's "Saved by the Bell," people! It's on 4 times a day! How could I get only 4 responses? And how, out of those 4 responses, did only 1 of you get ANY right?! Also... how did my wicked-hot girlfriend NOT even bother to answer any even though we almost went through every SBTB quesiton in the car on the way back from the beach?! It's a conundrum, but Amy got a perfect 10 while Karen, Kate, and Kim all managed a big, fat ZERO this week! Ugh.

Questions for August 6th, 2007

EASY Q: Back in 1988, there was a movie called Cool Runnings about a bobsled team entered into the Winter Olympics despite being from a tropical locale. What country's bobsled team was this movie based on?
EASY A: Jamaica
MEDIUM Q: So there's this guy who invented the internet and has since become a filmmaker... oh, and he was also Vice-President of The United States under Bill Clinton. Anyway, this dude made a movie about Global Warming since his bid to become president of these United States was scuttled by the hanging chads in Florida. What was the title of this movie?
HARD Q: So there was this guy named "Buster Poindexter" who had a very annoying song in the late 1980s called "Hot, Hot, Hot." That was the first huge hit of his long career. The funny thing is that his career wasn't always under the name "Buster Poindexter." He was a legend in the East Coast punk scene for years with his band "The New York Dolls." What is this singers REAL name?
HARD A: David Johanssen
First... the top-secret theme was TEMPERATURE and no one got it! See? COOL runnings, global WARMing, and HOT, HOT, HOT! I'm so good that you must all explode in a series of uncontrollable orgasms everytime you come to this page. Anyway, I'm a little angry at the fact that Kim Ma, who (along with Karen... let's be fair, now) gets on my ass every time there is a lack of trivia, declined to participate this week. She loses her complaining privileges! In any case, only 4 of you took a shot this week and half of you got perfect scores. I'm wondering if you cheated. Anyway, The Baltz family got a perfect 10 this week as did Fiee. Kate & Karen both missed the HARD one (heh-heh) and finished with a 5 out of 10. Better luck this week!

Questions for July 30th, 2007

EASY Q: First, this one was a staple on Friday nights. While most of the stars of this saccharine-sweet sitcom have gone on to bigger and more un-family friendly infamy, back then this is what the majority of America listened to before the wackiness ensued. Name the show.
EASY A: "Full House"
MEDIUM Q: This was a struggle to determine whether or not this was worth of being "HARD" or not, so I made it MEDIUM instead. This sitcom actually gave rise to another sitcom which lasted much longer, all on the weak-ass premise of a newspaper firing an elevator operator. Then the original show lost its zing and I haven't heard about the one of the stars of the show since it went off the air. Name the show.
MEDIUM A: "Perfect Strangers"
HARD Q: There was a time where you could find this show on USA and Sci-Fi at least four times a day. As far as I'm concerned, this was one of the greatest shows ever made because it was history, morality, and loyalty all rolled into one. Name this awesome show!
HARD A: "Quantum Leap"
BIG participation this past week! 11 people went in with only 3 perfect weeks! Sweet! I think I actually did a good job! In any case, France, The Baltzes, and Fiee all managed to nail the perfect 10 this week. Carrie manages a 7 out of 10 and sole possession of 2nd place (damn the MEDIUM question!). Huge knot of people that never watched "Quantum Leap" as Kate, Kat, Karen, Brittany, and Sharon all get 5 out of 10 this week missing the HARD question. A correct MEDIUM answer gave Kim Me 3 points to edge out her namesake as Kim Ma gets 2 points and just got the EASY one right.

Questions for July 23rd, 2007

EASY Q: This band technically didn't have a lead-singer, because all 4 members sang. The majority of the group's songs were performed by MICKEY DOLENZ & DAVY JONES, but MICHAEL NESMITH sang his share. Truthfully, I can only think of a handful of songs played by their bassist: PETER TORK. So, what band is this 4-singer group best known as?
EASY A: The Monkees
MEDIUM Q: The only reason I'm making this a MEDIUM question is that I may be the only person I know brave enough to announce he listened to this band. So, BRET MICHAELS is now a reality TV star with the dating show "Rock of Love" on VH-1. Before he pimped himself out to there, which 1980s and beyond hair band did Michaels front for?
MEDIUM A: Poison
HARD Q: This lead singer died of an overdose (go figure), but was associated with a band in the 1960s. Most people know her as just JANIS JOPLIN, but what was the name of the band she fronted?
HARD A: Big Brother & The Holding Company
Well, it appears that Kim Ma is a HUGE Joplin fan because she listed off bands that I've never heard of before! Of course, she got a perfect 10 this week. Kate and France joined the perfection squad and completed the triumverate. Fiee was just outside with 7.5 points (she said "Big Brother something" for the HARD answer). Karen managed a respectable 5 points, missing only the HARD question, while Kim Me got a 4.5 missing both the MEDIUM question and pulling a "Fiee," by only getting half of the HARD question. Welcome back Kim Me!

Questions for July 16th, 2007

EASY Q: Even though the Gryffindor House is partnered up with each of the other 3 houses during different classes in the book, which house are they constantly sitting with during all their classes in the movies?
EASY A: Slytherin
MEDIUM Q: In the movie Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, Harry is given Gillyweed to help him pass the second task. In the book, he was given this item by Dobby, the former house-elf of The Malfoys. In the movie, who was the one to provide this thing to Harry?
MEDIUM A: Neville Longbottom
HARD Q: In the movie Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, the students are told about the legend of The Chamber of Secrets in class. In the book, they are also told in class, but by a different teacher: The ghostly Professor Binns in "History of Magic." Who tells them the story in the movie?
HARD A: Professor Minerva McGonagall
Not as many responses, but the majority of you got everything correct! Karen, Kate, Amy, and Fiee all got perfect 10s, nailing all 3 of the questions. Kim knew the answers, but forgot the name of the teacher in the HARD question; I gave her half-credit simply because she described McGonagall correctly enough that it couldn't have been anyone else. Unfortunately, with everybody coming in so close to the top, any slip up means someone has to come in at the bottom. That bottom? Ms. Brittany "No seriously, I OWN your trivia." She missed the HARD question (good call though on Lockhart), so she ends up with a 5 out of 10. Let's see how you all do this week, ladies!

Questions for July 9th, 2007

EASY Q: Harry Potter has a unique thing about him which basically identifies him as "THE Harry Potter" when other wizards see him. What is this mark?
EASY A: A lightning-shaped scar on his forehead
MEDIUM Q: Harry has a wand, as all wizards do. Harry's wand shares a core item with another wand: Voldemort's. What is this core item?
MEDIUM A: A phoenix feather (from Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes)
HARD Q: In Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, Hogwarts competes in The Tri-Wizard Tournament with 2 other magical schools. What TWO schools were they?
HARD A: Beauxbatons & Durmstrang
It looks like everyone loves 'arry!! We had a bit of fun this week because, as I'm a Potter dork, I was a little hard on the answers this week; close just did NOT cut it! The straight-out perfects? Karen, Amy, and Jim all nailed the questions in exactly the right way. Joining them in perfectville, but only because she basically rewrote the novels in her answers and gave INCREDIBLE detail about everything, was Carrie. She missed "Beauxbatons," but correctly pointed out that Harry also competed against a third school: Hogwarts. I gave her the other half for that bit of "outside thinking." I'm not sure, Carrie... is that your first perfect EVER? Congrats! My wicked hot girlfriend (seriously... she is AND that's how she put her name in) was soooooo close to perfect this week, but I needed to see "lightning-shaped" in regards to the scar on Harry's forehead! So, my wicked hot girlfriend gets a 9 out of 10 (I'm in trouble for this one). Joining Britt in the 9/10 range was Fiee, who also missed the phrase "lightning-shaped." Sorry ladies... The Great Kate missed one of the schools for the HARD question, so she ends up with a 7.5 this week. The two Kims manage to bring up the rear. Kim Ma missed the HARD question AND gave a nice expletive as the answer. Kim Me felt bad that she rarely answers, so she submitted a blank answer sheet saying that she's always checking, but doesn't get the trivia a lot. It's okay Kim... at least YOU check! Yell at Katie for me!!

Questions for July 2nd, 2007

EASY Q: Numerous cookbooks, a few hit shows on Food Network, and one miserably failed network sitcom meant that this tiny man with a big voice EXPLODED his way into pop-culture. So which chef might actually kill BAMbi one show and kick up the spice on venison a bit?
EASY A: Emeril Lagasse
MEDIUM Q: With British shows such as his "Kitchen Nightmares" and "The F Word," this non-British chef has landed on this side of the pond with not only "Hell's Kitchen," but an American version of "Kitchen Nightmares" set to start up in the Fall (I think). Who's this brash bully in the kitchen?
MEDIUM A: Gordon Ramsay
HARD Q: There was this VERY short-lived half-hour sitcom based on the memoirs of one of my favorite chefs that aired on FOX a few years back. The book and the show were both called "Kitchen Confidential" and he's also the author of many other books, most notably "Nasty Bits" (which I am reading now. What is this chef/author's name?
HARD A: Anthony Bourdain
Up from 2 last week, we have 4 this week! To start out, Britt nails the trivia and wasn't shy about telling me how she owned it. So, along with her perfect 10, Jal joins in the Perfect Parade with a 10 of her own. Following along, Jim gets a 5, missing only the HARD question, but Kate comes in dead-frickin' last with a poor showing of a 2, missing both the MEDIUM and HARD questions.

Questions for June 18th, 2007

EASY Q: I'm lobbing a softball over the plate here, but: When discussing the horrible aspect of being beaten by the evil professor and leaving school, Chris Knight quotes who by uttering the immortal quote "I drank what?"
EASY A: Socrates
MEDIUM Q: Dr. Hathaway hosted a television show on what appeared to be a local public television station named what?
MEDIUM A: "Everything"
HARD Q: In the spirit of undercover, secretive plans throughout history, our intrepid group of geniuses use 2 code-names during the final plot while communicating over radio. What were those 2 code-names?
HARD A: Abbott & Costello
Only two people answered and they BOTH got perfect 10s. I'm a little disappointed that more people didn't respond, but c'est la vie! Anyway... Kate and Kim both managed to get 3 for 3 and I was wrong: Kate managed to beat me. I owe her a big ol' dollar bill. Damnit.

Questions for June 11th, 2007

EASY Q: There was this great movie from 1977 featuring Burt "The Moustache" Reynolds, Sally Field, and country singer Jerry Reed about 2 guys who take on a bet to transport a semi-load of beer from Texas to Georgia for a political rally. One of the ultimate road-trip movies, what was the title of this flick which spawned 2 (very poor) sequels?
MEDIUM Q: In the movie ROADTRIP, Tom Green's character sends Amy Smart's character to one city when the "heroes" of the movie are heading to another, similar-sounding city in the exact opposite direction. What were these two cities?
MEDIUM A: Austin (TX) and Boston (MA)
HARD Q: In THE road-trip movie to end all road-trip movies, Chevy Chase takes The Griswald clan from Illinois to California in order to go to Wally World, a thinly-disguised Disney clone. The car they ended up going in was The Wagon Queen Family Truckster, but what was the ORIGINAL car that Clark had in mind?
HARD A: Arctic Blue Sport Wagon
More people answering (actually... more WOMEN answering), but still no perfect. Sheesh! And here I thought I made it too easy. Oh well. The run down? Kim Ma gets the highest score getting 2 of the 3 questions correct and ending up with a 5. Karen, Fiee, Carrie, and Jal all managed to get the EASY question correct for 2 points. Our lone "I didn't get ANY points this week" entrant was the newbie Kate who swears that she would kick ass this week if I did REAL GENIUS. Let's see how she does :-)

Questions for June 4th, 2007

EASY Q: Okay... really easy. Where did Robin Hood and his band of "merry men" call home SPECIFICALLY? (And yes... I'm looking for a place name here, not just "England" or something similar)
EASY A: Sherwood Forest
MEDIUM Q: Robin was actually a nobleman who became an outlaw. What was the name of his manor and the surrounding land?
MEDIUM A: Locksley
HARD Q: One of Robin's men was actually said to be his cousin. This boy also had a rather keen interest in daggers. What was this boy's name?
HARD A: Will Scarlett
Once again, only 3 answers and all three were women. Billy's Angels come into play again!! So Fiona gets the perfect 10 this week, not missing a beat (or a question). Meanwhile, both Karen and Carrie end up in second (and last) place due to them only getting the EASY question correct. Tsk-tsk. Ah well... today is a brighter day!!

Questions for May 21, 2007

EASY Q: Two television shows that were highly touted for executives, but ultimately not picked up for ABC, were two shows entitled "Football Wive$" and "Life on Mars." They would have been American adaptations of which country's original concepts?
EASY A: England / The United Kingdom
MEDIUM Q: In the series finale of "Seinfeld," the gang is incarcerated for breaking "The Good Samaratin Law" and they have a conversation in the jail cell before the credits roll that is the exact same conversation they had in the pilot about what piece of clothing? DOUBLE POINTS if you can name *specifically* what they were talking about regarding that piece of clothing...
MEDIUM A: The second button on a man's shirt
HARD Q: One of the most talked about series finales ever featured a show that ran for many years being revealed as nothing more than an autistic boy's dream while looking at a hospital in a snow globe. What was this 1980s show called?
HARD A: "St. Elsewhere"
Two weeks and only 3 answers. Sheesh. The brief rundown is as follows: Fiee and Kim Me both got a perfect 10 and Carrie ended up with a 7 (damn that MEDIUM question). Let's see how you all do with this one!

Questions for May 14, 2007

EASY Q: Which one of the following superheroes possesses no superhuman abilities?
Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Blade

EASY A: Batman (Superman was an alien, Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, Thor was a god, The Incredible Hulk mutated thanks to gamma rays, and Blade was part vampire)
MEDIUM Q: The Punisher was once known by the name "Frank Castle." What happened that turned him from Castle into the vigilante killing-machine he became?
MEDIUM A: Criminals killed his entire family
HARD Q: Who is the only co-star from the abominable Superman III to appear REGULARLY in the television show "Smallville," based on the "formative" years of Superman?
HARD A: Annette O'Toole (played Lana Lang in Superman III and Martha Kent in "Smallville")
Well, only 4 answers this week and all women! I was shocked France didn't weigh in. Anyway, out of 4 participants, we have a tie for first and a tie for last. Kim Ma and Amy tied with their supreme knowledge of all things superhero with a perfect score while Karen and Fiee tied for last with only the EASY answer correct. For shame...

Questions for May 7, 2007

EASY Q: Bill Murray was directed by Sofia Coppola in an independent film that became a HUGE hit and even generated Oscar buzz for Murray (he didn't win). Even though the title refers to something language-based, my theme still holds. What is the title of this movie?
MEDIUM Q: While probably best known for a boxy, 1950s robot which yelled "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!," this campy television show from before I was born was turned into a film in the late 1990s starring a "friend" and a well-known fiend. What was the title of both the TV show and the movie?
MEDIUM A: "Lost in Space"
HARD Q: Okay... this is a pretty easy one, but I'm going to phrase it in such a way that you're gonna hate me. There was a movie in the 1980s with the title that shared the name with a group of runaway children, brought up by another runaway in a far-off land in a classic story by a British author. What was the name of the movie and the collective name of the group of adolescents of which I speak?
HARD A: "The Lost Boys" (Vampire movie starring The Coreys & Keifer as well as the group of runaway boys led by Peter Pan in Never Neverland)
Only 3 perfects this week! I'm touched! What is even more is that my cousin Pat stumbled onto the site and answered those questions! Anyway, Jal, France, and Karen take the top spot with a perfect 10. Sharon missed the MEDIUM question, so she finishes with a 7. Pat, Carrie, and Kim Me all missed the HARD one and they finish with a score of 5 apiece. Better luck this week!

Questions for April 30, 2007

EASY Q: Scottish by origin, the rules for this game are shrouded in centuries of folklore. One of my favorites is that there are 18 shots in a bottle of whiskey, so there were 18 of these checkpoint-like things during the "course" of a game. What sport (even though I consider it an activity more than a real sport) is this?
EASY A: Golf
MEDIUM Q: There have been two times I was interested in tennis in my life: The first was when Jennifer Capriotti broke into the scene. The other was when this tennis player was attacked on the court and stabbed by a crazed fan. Yes, a crazed TENNIS fan... nuts huh? Who was this top-ranked female tennis player?
MEDIUM A: Monica Seles
HARD Q: What is the lowest possible score in an NFL football game if there is a definitive winner (a.k.a. NOT A SCORELESS TIE)?
HARD A: 2-0 (one team scores a "safety")
I was shocked this week to see the number of replies I got! Apparently everyone loves a good sporting trivia! Another shocker? I think Jim purposely tanked a question so he wouldn't go perfect again this week! So a smattering of scores this week means that Kat, Bernie (even though it shouldn't count as she GUESSED), a returning Kim Me, and Chris all managed to get perfect 10s. Kat was my favorite response though ("It's all about the safety."); I am very lucky to have two cool-ass cousins like Kat and Sharon! Anyway, Jim, the aforementioned Shazza, and Carrie all missed the MEDIUM question and managed to get 7 points. There were three ladies who only got the easy question right, so Karen, Kim Ma, and Fiona all come in last with 2 points. The most answered WRONG question this week? "Martina Navratilova." Nope folks... she is gay, not a stabbing victim.

Questions for April 23, 2007

EASY Q: Most Americans would probably know this "executive transvestite" as the star of the new FX drama "The Riches" along with Minnie Driver. I, of course, know him through his hysterical stand-up comedy... which he does while cross-dressing. He also played Charlie Chaplain in a woefully underviewed movie called THE CAT'S MEOW. Who is this hysterical Brit comedian?
EASY A: Eddie Izzard
MEDIUM Q: The first movie I ever saw that was produced outside of The United States was about a band of miscreants who, when put together, created an awesome band in the slums of Barrytown in Dublin, Ireland. The genre of music was soul, and the movie was so good that it spawned not one, but TWO soundtracks! What was the movie's (and, consequently, the band's) name?
HARD Q: One of the most famous locales in London, England was once supposed to be called "King William the Fourth's Square," but it, instead, it was named after a decisive naval battle during the Napoleonic Wars. For a further hint, the pigeons love to sit arond the statue of Lord Nelson which stands atop a tall column. What is the name of this area?
HARD A: Trafalgar Square
As usual, Jim cruises to a perfect score, but I thought he might be the only one until a late surge brought a bunch more perfet weeks in our Brit Trivia! So, joining Jim in perfection are Bernie, Fiona, Liz, and Chris. Finally overcoming the MEDIUM jinx (but succumbing to the EASY one this week), Carrie comes in second with 8 points. Third place belongs to two very hot ladies: Karen and Amy who both missed the MEDIUM question and they come in at 7 points. Ryan comes in dead last with 5 points... for shame.

Questions for April 16, 2007

EASY Q: The storm that we're currently experiencing here on the East Coast is even affecting those up in the New England area. What nationally-known event held in Boston is still going on today (Monday April 16th) despite the inclement weather?
EASY A: The Boston Marathon
MEDIUM Q: With actors such as Ed Asner, Morgan Freeman, Betty White, and Minnie Driver, one would think this movie about an armored-car heist in a flooded town would be a little better than it was. Well, it didn't make squat and it didn't solidify Christian Slater as an action star either. What rainy movie that took place in a severely flooded town am I talking about?
HARD Q: In the old testament (The Book of Genesis, specifically), there was a story about a guy named Noah who built a big ship (or ark) that housed two of every type of animal. When he was told to build this from a voice out of the sky, instead of "feet" or "meters," he was told to build it in what ancient unit of length?
HARD A: Cubits
First, I had a few people reply saying that HARD RAIN is a good movie. I never said I didn't like it, I just said that it should have been BETTER due to the pedigree of some of the actors! Sheesh... Anyway, we had a 3-way tie in first as Fiee, Kim, & Jim all ended up with a perfect score. Second place goes to Ms. Medium (Carrie) as she is defeated by her nemesis (the MEDIUM question) and ends up with 7 points. Sharon (aka "Shazza") comes in last with a meager 5 points missing the HARD question (and you call yourself a Catholic!).

Questions for April 9, 2007

EASY Q: What tool / weapon is the personification of death said to carry in his skeletal grip?
EASY A: The scythe
MEDIUM Q: My favorite Edgar Allan Poe story, "The Cask of Amontillado," first introduced me to the delightful aspect of revenge that encompassed more than just spreading a lie or smacking someone across the face. One of the most memorable things about the story was the Montressor family motto: "Nemo me impune laccesit." I was actually shocked to see it stamped on the edges of some British Pounds Sterling when I visited Northern Ireland those many years ago! So what does that lovely and personal Latin phrase translate to in English?
MEDIUM A: "No one shall strike me with impunity."
HARD Q: Persephone was kidnapped by Hades in Greek mythology and forced into the underworld as his bride. When her mother, Demeter, came to rescue her, Hades said that she had eaten the fruit of the dead already and must remain there with him one month for each seed that was stuck in her teeth. What fruit is this?
HARD A: The pomegranate
Once again we have no one submiting who got zero points, so that is good. We did have only 1 person who got them ALL correct, however: Jim! Of course Jim thinks I should handicap him because he and I attended the same high school, had the same teachers for English, and read the same things, so he is pretty close to "in my head" ya know. In any case, the second place was a 3-way tie between Fiee, Wade, and Liz... they each missed the MEDIUM question. Coming in from behind, we have Kim who missed both the MEDIUM and HARD questions. Better luck next time!

Questions for April 2, 2007

EASY Q: Even though it wasn't intended to be a hoax, but merely a radio teleplay, this novel written by H.G. Wells was put on "Mercury Theatre on the Air" on October 30, 1938 as a Halloween special. It caused such panic that the general public REALLY believed we were under attack by invaders from outer space. What was the title of this novel / teleplay?
EASY A: "War of the Worlds"
MEDIUM Q: What computer company was founded on April 1st, 1976?
HARD Q: Widely regarded as the greatest pure April Fool's hoax of all time, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired a news story in 1957 about a family working to reap their bountiful spaghetti harvest from their spaghetti plants. So many Brits BELIEVED this, that people criticized the channel for putting a joke on a factual news program. My question is: what country were these hard-working spaghetti farmers said to be from?
HARD A: Switzerland
Ain't this a purty thang? 5 of you got a perfect 10 this week and no one finished with ZERO points. I like that. So, in first place, Fiona, Bernie, Wade, Jim, and Amy all managed that plateau of perfection. A 3-way tie for second sees Kim, Karen, and Liz sitting with missing the HARD answer. Back from a haitus, our girl Carrie managed the EASY question this week and missed the other two. Better luck this week!

Guest Trivia-Master: Jim

Questions for March 26, 2007

EASY Q: Not only did this famous Roman find himself birthed on September 23rd (a wonderful date, if I do say so myself), he also wrote "Commentaries on the Gallic War" which mentioned two legionaires named Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo (both main characters in the television show). Who was this famous Roman leader and military mind?
EASY A: Julius Caesar
MEDIUM Q: While not technically the biological son of the previous answer, a young man ascended to become Rome's first official emperor. Starting life as Gauis Octavian, he was given what name as he ascended to power?
MEDIUM A: Agustus Caesar
HARD Q: Julius Caesar uttered many memorable quotes during his lifetime and they have been recorded for all time. One of his most famous ones was "Alea iacta est" which means what, when translated into English?
HARD A: "The die is cast"
To keep in the theme: Mea Culpa! As I said earlier, I made a mistake saying that JULIUS Caesar was born on 9/23. He wasn't. Thanks to Bernie, I found out that I had been wrong about this for, oh, about 20 or so years. Needless to say, Bernie got a perfect score this week. To tie with her, both Fiee and Wade also went 10 for 10, so they've got that to be proud of. Bringing up the rear, only missing the Latin translation, was Carrie who had 5 points.

Questions for March 19, 2007

EASY Q: According to the old saying, what two animals are mentioned when speaking about the beginning and end of March, weather-wise ("In like a... out like a...")?
EASY A: Lion and Lamb
MEDIUM Q: Pretty soon we will be hitting one of the year's two days referred to as an equinox. If you look at the word itself, it means "equal night," and it refers to the days where the day and the night times are in perfect opposition to each other. What is the term used to precede the quickly approaching equinox?
MEDIUM A: VERNAL equinox (the one in September is, oddly enough, the Autumnal Equinox)
HARD Q: Okay... this is gonna be a toughie! Even though the hurricane season is not set to begin until LATE spring (May or even June), the earliest recorded hurricane or tropical storm was in mid-April of 2003. While it never made it to hurricane strength, it really gave a precursor to what was going to happen in the next few years... what was that Tropical Storm's name?
Okay... first, the MEDIUM question is one of two answers apparently. See, Jim is highly intelligent and pointed out that Equinoxes are GLOBAL events. In the northern hemisphere, ours, it's called the VERNAL equinox. It's also simply called The March Equinox. Since those of you who missed the MEDIUM question didn't answer either, there's no problem. No surprise, however, to see that Jim was tops this week with 10 points. Karen was next with 5, and that leaves both Kim and Jal with 2 points apiece... poor ladies.

Questions for March 12, 2007

EASY Q: Based on a novel by S. E. Hinton, C. Thomas Howell was in a movie in the early 1980s with such heartthrobs as Ralph Macchio, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, and Leif Garrett. All those guys in the same movie caused a lot of little girls to kickstart into puberty, but what was the title of this film?
MEDIUM Q: Based on a live-action role-playing game by the company Whitewolf, C. Thomas Howell starred as a cop named Frank in this FOX hour-long drama about vampires who rule the city of San Francisco. Hardcore gamers HATED the show, but I kinda liked it. It didn't last more than 10 episodes, but what was the name of this mid-1990s show?
MEDIUM A: "Kindred: The Embraced"
HARD Q: The movie that started the chain of thought! Shirley Jones & James Garner played the worried parents of C. Thomas Howell's character as he was arrested on trumped up charges due to the sherrif not caring too much for dear old dad. What does dad do to save sonny from the clink? He does what any concerned father does... gears up his WWII tank and busts him out! Along the way they also give a ride to a hooker, if I remember correctly. The end of the movie was more of a tug of war in the mud than anything else, but what was the name of this movie that I'd really like to see again?
Wow! Y'all are feelin' NO love for CTH!! All those lovely questions and only 2 responses?! I'm very disappointed in Carrie not answering, but I'm SURE she'll bounce back soon enough. So, the run-down for C. Thomas Howell trivia is as follows: Fiee comes in first getting 7 points (missing only the MEDIUM question) and Amy comes in second (or last, depending on your view) with 5 points (missing only the HARD question). Hopefully more of you will respond this week!!!

Questions for March 5, 2007

EASY Q: This aformentioned serial killer trolled for prostitutes and carved them up in 19th century London, all the while being polite and playful in his notes he left for police always signed "Yours Truly." Who was this legendary murderer?
EASY A: Jack the Ripper
MEDIUM Q: Wrongly associated as a serial killer, this madman has been in prison the mid-1970s after his "family" went and killed numerous people. If I'm not mistaken, he, himself, was only responsible for 1 death, but his sway over the other members of his entourage was enough to keep him locked up. Apparently he's up for parole (again) soon. Who is this crazy dude?
MEDIUM A: Charles Manson
HARD Q: Probably my most convincing case of why I hate clowns... this serial killer not only painted numerous paintings of clowns, but dressed as a clown himself! When arrested, police found many bodies buried under his house... all young boys. Who was this sick guy?
HARD A: John Wayne Gacy
Well... talk about wild! Last week, I could barely find anyone to answer questions about songs from Oscar winning films. This week, I talk about serial killers, and you all come out of the woodwork! Not only that, but not one of you missed more than 1 question! You're all sick, sick individuals!!! Jim, Carrie (who knew WAY too much about Charlie Manson), Amy, and Chris all manage to get perfect 10s this week. Karen, Kim, Fiona, Shazza (that's Australian for "My Boston cousin Sharon"), and Ryan all got 5 points apiece as they ALL missed the HARD answer. I will have to definitely keep 1 eye open when you're all around from now on...

Guest Trivia-Mistress: Carrie

Questions for February 26, 2007

EASY Q: If happy little bluebirds fly/
Beyond the rainbow/
Why, oh why can't I?

EASY A: THE WIZARD OF OZ ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow")
MEDIUM Q: Once in your life you will find her/
Someone who turns your heart around.

MEDIUM A: ARTHUR ("Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)")
HARD Q: Round like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel/
Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning wheel

HARD A: THE THOMAS CROWN AFFIAR (1968) ("The Windmills of Your Mind")
Only 3 guesses this week, but there will be controversy... I guarante it! See, Fiee submitted ALL of the correct song titles, but since I was asking for the MOVIE TITLE, I award her NO points. Fiee comes in dead last of the three with a big ol' ZERO. In second place? Me. I only knew the EASY question for 2 points. This is kind of a cheat as well since Carrie submitted 7 different songs and I picked three of them. She did NOT, however, give me the song titles (thanks Google!), so I didn't know the answers until just a few minutes ago. In first place, missing only the HARD question, was Jim who managed 5 points knowing THE WIZARD OF OZ and ARTHUR. Let's hope more of you participate this week!

Guest Trivia-Master: Jim

Questions for February 19, 2007

EASY Q: Who was the last U.S. President who fought in World War II?
EASY A: George Herbert-Walker Bush
MEDIUM Q: Who was the first President to die in office? (HINT: He also had the shortest tenure as President)
MEDIUM A: William Henry Harrison
HARD Q: Who is the only U.S. President to win the Congressional Medal of Honor? (HINT: He won it 82 years after his death)
HARD A: Theodore Roosevelt
Only 3 of you brave enough to tackle the Presidential trivia this week and NO ONE (besides me) got every one correct! The closest? Ryan who got the EASY and MEDIUM questions right to end up with 5 points. Carrie got the EASY one and I'm giving her half-credit for the medium one because she knew that it was "the guy who caught pneumonia during his inauguration speech," but couldn't remember his name; she ends up with 3.5 points. Fiee pulls up the rear with 3 points, knowing only Harrison's name and not the other two.

Questions for February 12, 2007

EASY Q: Depending on the location, around this time of year, there is a day (and associated dance) where the single women of a school/town/area get to pursue and catch men they are interested in. Originally, if they dragged them back to a specific place, they had to get married. Now it's all about going to a dance or a date. What woman is this day/dance named after?
EASY A: "Sadie Hawkins"
MEDIUM Q: I don't believe that the character was ever named, but what was the description of the girl Charlie Brown pined over for the entire run of the "Peanuts" comic and would be seen, every year, waiting for a Valentine from? (This description actually became how she was referenced for the entire run.)
MEDIUM A: The Little Red-Haired Girl
HARD Q: The scene was 1929 Chicago and the event would live in deep, dark infamy for the rest of time: 7 men murdered in a bloody execution on Valentine's Day morning. The men who were brutally killed were members of the North Side Irish/German gang of criminals battling the South Side Italian gang. My question is: Who were the respective leaders of both gangs? I only ask for BOTH because I know everyone will guess the head of the Italian gang... I needed to make it a little more difficult!
HARD A: Al Capone & Bugs Moran
7 people and they all got at least 1 question right, so I'm happy. So who fell where? Fiona was the only perfect score this week with her 10, but both Bernie and Amy got 8 points each while missing only the EASY question. Jim, who has a strong dislike for all things Charlie Brown, missed the MEDIUM question and ends up in third with 7 points. Kim Ma & Carrie both manage 5 points, each missing the HARD question (and no Carrie... the leaders of the rival gangs were NOT Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon). Karen comes in dead last with a meager 2 points hitting only the EASY question. Better luck this week!

Questions for February 5, 2007

EASY Q: This EASY movie poster was tough to cut down because it was so iconic when the movie hit. Name that film!!
MEDIUM Q: A little harder, but not all that much so. This MEDIUM movie poster features legs and a skyline... but a skyline of where?
HARD Q: Unless you're really into biographical films and high-falootin' people, this HARD poster may be a little too difficult for you. What is this one?
Double-digit submissions this week and everyone either got every one correct OR they missed the HARD question. First, to the perfect 7: Fiona, Karen, FWB, France, Carrie, Jal, and Jim. A 10 for each one of them and they are listed in the order that they answered... Now, the 3 who missed the HARD poster were Kim Ma, Sharon, and Bernie; my two international guessers fell into this category, so I'm still happy that there's life across the pond (and more ponds since Shazza is in Oz).

Questions for January 29, 2007

EASY Q: Commonly called "Jewish Penicillin," this liquid form of sustenance has been used for generations as a cure-all for the daily cold. What is the actual name of this thing?
EASY A: Chicken Soup
MEDIUM Q: When I was a kid and going through a lot of medical procedures for my ticker, my mom gave me a book about this scientist who developed a rabies vaccine and saved a lot of people. It was a kids book, so the visuals were great (it was a big hypodermic syringe with soldiers inside waiting to "fight" the disease), but I learned later that this same scientist had pioneered making milk safer to drink. Who was this man?
MEDIUM A: Louis Pasteur
HARD Q: A modern twist on the vampire legend took place in a book (which is soon to become a movie starring Will Smith) where the general populace becomes infected by a disease which turns them into vampires instead of the more accepted "vampire bites you, you die, you are resurrected as a vampire" lore. What is the title of this Richard Matheson book?
Wow... NO perfects this week!! Fiee missed by a half-credit score for completely butchering the spelling of Louis Pasteur, but she still came in #1 with 8.5. Jim comes in 2nd with a total of 8 points (damn that half point), and both Karen & Carrie were tied in third with 5 points. Kim, once again, holds down the basement with a 2. Hopefully the movie posters this week and the AUDIO trivia next week will be fun for everyone!

Questions for January 23, 2007

EASY Q: You read paranoid, so you have to know that this question was coming. In the '80s, there was a one-hit wonder whose only hit was a song called "Somebody's Watching Me" which featured a background vocalist named Michael Jackson. What was the one-hit wonder's name?
EASY A: Rockwell
MEDIUM Q: Paranoia affects someone's sanity and ability to reason out some outlandish conspiracy theories. According to the movie CONSPIRACY THEORY, what book is tagged by a government database every time it is purchased?
HARD Q: Paranoia usually manifests with feelings that everyone is trying to get you. In the late 80s, there was an author who wrote a book called THE SATANIC VERSES that caused a high-ranking Islamic official to issue a death sentence for his blasphemy. In this case, everyone really WAS out to get him. What was that author's name?
HARD A: Salman Rushdie
Only 1 perfect week this week! It was close to another pefect week, but Jim was a bit off on his naming. In any case, Amy gets a perfect 10 this week while both Carrie & Jim come in second with 8 points apiece. John (aka "Mr. Jal") grabs a nice 7, but Kim Ma goes for the big goose-egg. Booo... BOOO!!! BOOOOOO!!!! Sorry... had to do it.

Questions for January 16, 2007

EASY Q: Right before "24" comes on, there is that "American Idol" show. Other than last year when I knew someone who made first cuts, I had only seen 5 minutes of the show previous to that year. That 5 minutes featured a horrible singer named William Hung who, inexplicably, made a record based on that 5 minute performance. What song did he sing in that initial coming out to the world?
EASY A: "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin
MEDIUM Q: There was this cartoon in the late 1980s / early 1990s geared towards little girls about an all-girl rock band named "The Holograms" who fought with another all-girl rock-band called "The Misfits." The lead singer of the "good" girl band ("The Holograms") just happens to be the name of a REAL singer from the UK who had a big hit with the song "24" which many of you may remember from the trailer from the Mila Jovovich movie ULTRA VIOLET. What is that shared name of the cartoon singer and the real singer?
HARD Q: The TV show 24 is known for it's "real-time" action where an hour in broadcast time is equal to an hour in Jack Bauer's world. There was a movie in the 1990s starring Johnny Depp which did this same thing, except it was around 2 hours instead of an episodic series. Name this movie and I'll be EXTREMELY impressed. (I chose this question because I wanted to deck a few of you who have been getting big heads that my HARD questions were too easy lately)
Okay... I guess the HARD question wasn't all that hard after all since 3 of the 6 people who ventured guesses got it right. I never gauge this stuff correctly! In any case, Fiona is the top point-getter this week with a Perfect 10. Jimmy boy comes in 2nd place with 8 points as he misses the EASY question. Kim Ma, Kat, and Shanna all get 5 points missing the HARD question (but Shanna even gave the cartoon Jem's "real" name, so I was tempted to give her a few extra points... because even *I* forgot that one). Coming in at the tail end of the trivia, our gal Carrie gets the EASY question and named a couple of cartoon female singers, so I'm only giving her half-credit for the MEDIUM which lands her with 3.5 points this week.

Questions for January 8, 2007

EASY Q: Let's start with one so damned simple that I'm going to be ashamed if the vast majority of you don't laugh at me when I ask it: What was the title car in a 1980s song by Prince?
EASY A: ["Little Red] Corvette["]
MEDIUM Q: Which iconic movie comedy featured a chase involving a police car, a mall, a street named "Wacker," and white supremicists from Abraham Lincoln's home state?
HARD Q: So there was this television show that was in existence before David Hasselhoff became... THE HOFF. It was called "Knight Rider" and it featured Daveyboy riding around in a souped up vehicle known as KITT. Anyone venture a guess as to what KITT stood for?
HARD A: Knight Industries Two Thousand
Not bad... not bad at all! Both Fiona and Carrie (overcoming her MEDIUM question jinx) got perfect 10s this week. Jim, forgetting the "Two Thousand" portion of the HARD answer comes in second with 7.5 (I gave him half-credit on the HARD because he DID get "Knight Industries"). To bring up the rear, we have the devine Miss Kim Ma who missed the MEDIUM and ended up with 7 points. Honestly... not bad.

Questions for January 1, 2007

EASY Q: Finally... it's a new year. 2007 folks... it's unreal that I can say that because I'm still stuck in the 1980s! In any case, I'm reminded that, traditionally, we're supposed to sing a song at the stroke of midnight. What song is that?
EASY A: "Auld Lang Syne"
MEDIUM Q: As I sit here in front of my parents' computer and my mother asks me to keep the fire lit in the fireplace, I think "Gosh... how cool would it be if I had pyrokenesis?" Then I think of little Drew Barrymore who played a pyrokenetic (someone who has mental control over fire) in a cinematic adaption of a Stephen King novel. Which movie was this?
HARD Q: Of course, with all of the college football going on this week, I have to put a question out there ABOUT college football... in some sense. So what movie, centered on the exploits of a fictitious college football team, had to be edited WHILE IN THEATRES after several stupid teenagers decided to emulate a scene from the film where several of the players went out in the middle of the road and lay on the center line as traffic drove past?
Wow... I guess the hard one WAS hard after all? Not one of you got the answer! While Amy, Jal, and Carrie all got 5 points, nailing both EASY and MEDIUM questions, Jal & Carrie also answered the HARD question with the same movie: VARSITY BLUES. VB was high school football in Texas ladies... TP was college football at some fictitious college. Sheesh. Anyway, Kim Ma comes in last with only 2 points as she only got the EASY question. Better luck this week!

Questions for December 18 - 31, 2006

Q1: Who was the littlest Who in Whoville when The Grinch came to town and stole everything?
A1: Little Cindy Lou Who
Q2: There was a delightfully BAD Christmas movie from the 80s called "The Night They Saved Christmas" which centered around oil drilling in Alaska and how the drilling would destroy North Pole City where Santa and company lived. During the movie, we learned that Santa hated which classic Christmas carol?
A2: "Jingle Bells"
Q3: During the Christmas pagent in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," which role did Lucy Van Pelt want to play?
A3: The Christmas Queen
Q4: I just heard a Canadian band redid the Christmas classic "Do They Know It's Christmas" originally sung by Band-Aid. This pop-contemporary band also had a great rendition of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" with Sarah McLaughlin. Who is this band?
A4: Barenaked Ladies
Q5: Easy one... who was Ebeneezer Scrooge's partner in his money-lending business before the partner died? (First AND Last names please)
A5: Jacob Marley
Q6: What were the first words Frosty said each time the kids put the magic hat on his head in the animated special "Frosty the Snowman?"
A6: "Happy Birthday!"
Q7: Another easy one: What toy did Ralphie want more than anything in A Christmas Story? Be sure and include the manufacturer as it is said constantly and has become an actual portion of Americana because of it.
A7: "An official Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle," but I'll accept "Red Ryder BB Gun" (Bonus points for mentioning the compass in the stock and "this thing which tells time."
Q8: Again, in A Christmas Story what language did "The Old Man" think the word "FRAGILE" was before being told it was an English word meaning "breakable?"
A8: Italian
Q9: In the song "Winter Wonderland," someone built a snowman to marry him and his girlfriend. What would they name the snowman?
A9: Parson Brown
Q10: On what has to be my favorite Christmas-themed sitcom episode of ALL time, there was a burglar who robbed Roger & Rerun's apartment in "What's Happening" one Christmas. This burglar had a catch-phrase that consisted of three words... what were those words?
A10: "Right, right, gotcha!"
Q11: The original South Park short, "The Spirit of Christmas," ORIGINALLY featured a fight to the death between Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman. It was changed after that to reflect another fight between Santa and which figure?
A11: Jesus Christ
Q12: According to Saturday Night Live, who took over the year Santa Claus got sick and had to make his delivieries for him?
A12: Hannukah Harry
I'm actually not all that surprised that I didn't receive an overwhelming amount of responses for this, but I did get 5! Carrie got 8 out of 12, so she is our reigning Christmas Queen! There was a three-way tie for second as Kim Ma got 4, but got an extra 2 points for the most complete answer for Ralphie's present, to bring her to 6 and tie with Karen & Jal. Ryan pulls up the rear with a pathetic 2. Ugh. Happy New Year!

Questions for December 11, 2006

EASY Q: There was this brilliant movie from the 90s which featured a nice take on the whole "aliens built the pyramids" idea. This movie, which later became an anchor series for The Sci-Fi Channel, featured this device found in an archeological dig which could transport people LONG distances and also featured a lot of Egyptian mythos and aliens too! Which movie and TV series am I talking about?
EASY A: STARGATE (or "Stargate SG-1" or "Stargate Atlantis")
MEDI Q: The ancient statue in Egypt, the Sphinx, was told to ask a riddle in Greek mythology which, if the asked could not answer, they would be eaten. This riddle was: "Which creature in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?" Answer the riddle. If you happen to miss it, I won't eat you though.
MEDIUM A: Man (crawls in morning, walks at noon, walks with a cane in evening)
HARD Q: No pop-culture knowledge necessary! Everyone knows the name "King Tut," but many don't really know that "Tut" is a nickname, or an abbreviated portion of the full name of this ancient ruler. What was Tut's FULL name? (No, I'm not taking off for spelling)
HARD A: Tutankhamen

A whole hell of a lot of answers for this one!!! 11 of you tried and the vast majority butchered the spelling of Tutankhamen, but hey... I won't make fun of you too much. In any case, France, Kim Ma, Steve, Carrie, Fiona, Jal, and Jim ALL got the questions perfectly correct. I think the 7 perfect scores are telling me that I'm getting easy in my old age. Time to amp it up a bit! To appease my fragile ego, Amy and Kat missed the EASY question ending up in second with 8 points, Karen in third with 7 points (missing the MEDIUM question), and Sharon comes in "down undah" with only the MEDIUM question correct. Remember folks... no new trivia until after January 1st, so love the super-huge funtastic Christmas trivia until then!!!

Questions for December 4, 2006

EASY Q: My family called it "Crap" because of the varied ingredients in this once regional holiday favorite snack, but with the dawn of advertising, this cereal became the backbone of this now year-round mixed snack. What is the name of this cereal?
EASY A: Chex
MEDI Q: In the immortal A Christmas Story, after the Bumpus hounds end up devouring their Christmas turkey, where does the family go for their holiday dinner?
MEDIUM A: A Chinese restaurant
HARD Q: In the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, there are MANY references to food including puddings and geese, however Scrooge is asked to partake in a feast by WHICH Ghost?
HARD A: The ghost of Christmas Present

Only one week of unrelated trivia before we hit the yearly Christmas 12! That's right folks... next week is the big one that I leave up for the Christmas season because it's got 4 times the questions which means 4 times the fun! THIS week, however, gives us a 3 way estrogen-filled tie at first with Kim Ma, Carrie, and Fiee carrying the banner with perfect 10s. Close behind is Karen who nailed a 7 (missing the MEDIUM), which is good enough for 2nd place. 3rd place goes to Jal and Shanna who each missed the HARD question landing them 5 points apiece, and our lovely U.K. bird Bernie got 0 points having missed every question. It's okay Bern... I still love ya.

Questions for November 27, 2006

EASY Q: According to the book AND the movie, what does The Devil wear?
EASY A: Prada
MEDI Q: Going a little biblical on you, which store in London shares the name of an ancient king who features prominently in The New Testament?
MEDIUM A: Harrod's
HARD Q: What feminine-named store is strongly associated with the color blue and screams EXPENSIVE?
HARD A: Tiffany's

Wow... did I pick a category that all the women loved! Do you have any idea how many of you actually taunted me by saying "How about making it a little tougher next time?" or "I thought this was supposed to be TRIVIA?" Damn you were cruel. In any case, we have a 7-way tie for first as Mrs. Robinson, Shanna, Carrie, Shazza, Jal, Allison, and Kate got all 3 questions correct for 10 points. Both Colleen & Kim Ma missed the medium question (although Colleen DID go for a "classical" name as in Hermes, but I asked for "Biblical") and they end up in 2nd place with 7 points. Poor Karen didn't get a single one correct, so I think you should all send her presents from those three stores.

Questions for November 20, 2006

EASY Q: This miraculous movie begins at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and ends on Christmas Day. It includes a disbelieving child, a court trial to determine authenticity of an identification, and, even though it's really a classic CHRISTMAS movie, it was released in the SUMMERTIME because the studios had no faith that it would be any good. Idiots. What movie (which has been remade... twice) am I talking about?
MEDI Q: This is a little tougher if you don't know that the NFL plays on Thanksgiving Days, but which 2 American Football teams have played on Thanksgiving Day for the past 40 years? HINT: They do NOT play each other on Thanksgiving, but they have hosted opponents since 1966.
MEDIUM A: The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys
HARD Q: In a Thanksgiving episode of "Seinfeld," Elaine's boss, Mr. Pitt, desperately desired to hold one of the guy-wires on a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for a very specific cartoon character based on the species "Melanerpes erythrocephalus" because he loved that caracter and its laugh so much as a child. What cartoon character is it?
HARD A: Woody Woodpecker

Okay... 6 of you this week and I was corrected by my birding friend on the actual species of the bird I was talking about. Woody was based on the Pileated Woodpecker, "Dryocopus pileatus," not "Melanerpes erythrocephalus", the Red-headed Woodpecker. See what happens when you get your biology lessons from a cartoon? You get corrected by a psychotic bird-watcher! Anyway, that psycho birder, France, was tied for first this week along with Carrie. Both Kim Ma and Aussie Shazza managed to get the EASY and HARD questions while splitting the MEDIUM question, so I award them 8.5 points apiece: good enough for second. In a third place tie, Karen got the HARD one and Jal got the EASY and MEDIUM questions. Good luck this week!

Questions for November 13, 2006

EASY Q: In THE WIZARD OF OZ, the Wicked Witch of the West has a field of poppies that makes our heroic journeymen sleep. Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, wakes them by doing what?
EASY A: Making it snow
MEDI Q: The easiest of the easy... what is the name of that famous literary sleeper who leaned up against a tree for a nap and woke up DECADES later?
MEDIUM A: Rip Van Winkle
HARD Q: Rowan Atkinson, more famously known as Mr. Bean, suffered from a sleeping disorder that made him snap to sleep in the movie RAT RACE without any warning. What is that immediate sleep disorder called?
HARD A: Narcolepsy

Damn!!! You people just made me look like a prison bitch this week, didn't you? Out of the 8 people who replied, only one of you didn't get all the answers correct. Jim's assertion that Glenda woke up our Oz-bound group by "urinating on their head" was just a bit wrong. So Karen, Kim Ma, Carrie, Chris, Fiona, Cavanaugh (also known as Colleen, but since she's got the same initials as my sister, I decided to use her last name instead), and Shanna all got a perfect 10. Jim comes in second with 8 points. Also, Carrie demonstrated a scary aptitude for seeing the drug culture of the 1940s as she pointed out that poppies (opium) put people to sleep as snow (cocaine) woke people up. Scary... very, very scary.

Questions for November 6, 2006

Guest Trivia-Master: Jim

EASY Q: Which U.S. president had the shortest life?
EASY A: John F. Kennedy
MEDI Q: Two U.S. presidents later saw their sons elected president. Who were they?
MEDIUM A: John Adams (John Quincy Adams) & George H. W. Bush (George W. Bush)
HARD Q: Which U.S. president had the longest life?
HARD A: Ronald W. Reagan

Before we start, the HARD answer was Reagan when I posted the questions from Jim last week, however this past weekend, Gerald Ford surpassed that milestone making HIM the new correct answer. Since no one chose Ford as an answer anyway, it's a moot point, but I just wanted to be above board. Anyway... the recap! I'm impressed at the sheer number of people who knew the answers this week. Good call Jim! There were 3 perfect people this week as bjciii (me, o' course), Taco, and Carrie all got 10. Karen, Sharon, and Kim Me managed to get 5 points (all missing the HARD question) while Kim Ma only got a 3 (but I'm calling this one to Justin as HE answered it and she didn't know before that!). Ryan ends up as the bottom feeder this week getting a huge goose-egg. Sorry Ryan...

Questions for October 30, 2006

Guest Trivia-Mistress: Kim Ma

EASY Q: What costumes do the Cobra Kai wear on Halloween in THE KARATE KID?
EASY A: Skeletons
MEDI Q: What is Jack's dog's name in THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS?
HARD Q: What is Frank's costume in DONNIE DARKO?
HARD A: An evil bunny

Um... I got 7 points missing the medium question. Yeah... that was it for the responses.

Questions for October 23, 2006

EASY Q: From the reaches of outer space to the darkness of a troubled city, Ben Affleck and Michael Clarke Duncan have been in 2 movies together. Name EITHER ONE for this answer.
MEDI Q: So Jeremy Piven has been in pretty much EVERY movie that John Cusack has been in, right? What singularly wacky movie did they FIRST show up together?
HARD Q: Believe it or not, Gary Sinise is Tom Hanks' male Meg Ryan. Those two men have had roles in 3 separate THEATRICAL films together. I will admit that 2 are relatively easy to get, but the third... well the third you have to pay attention to see Gary; this is why it's a tough question! Which movies were these two titans sharing screen time in? (All THREE please)

Well, for my "it just came to me" trivia, we had 6 submitters, but only 2 of them got perfect scores. Those scorers? Jim & Mrs. Robinson. While you needed all three movies in the HARD answer for full credit, I decided to be nice and award a third of a point to each correct sub-answer which means that Sharon got an 8.33 (repeating) getting the EASY, MEDIUM, and 2/3s of the HARD answer. Carrie too got 2/3s of the HARD answer, but missed the MEDIUM answer (again) to land in 3rd with 5.33 (repeating). Both Kim Ma and Karen missed the MEDIUM and HARD answers completely, so they'll both settle with 2 points and a last place tie.

Questions for October 16, 2006

Guest Trivia-Master: Jim

EASY Q: What star of the Police Academy movies played the child-molesting mayor of Veronica Mars’ home: Neptune, California?
EASY A: Steve Guttenberg
MEDI Q: On The Dukes of Hazzard, Daisy Duke and her Good Ol’ Boy cousins were tormented by County Executive and Political Boss J.D. Hogg. What Confederate leader was Boss Hogg‘s namesake?
MEDIUM A: Jefferson Davis
HARD Q: Who was the evil Mayor of Sunnydale, California, who served as the nemesis of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?
HARD A: Richard Wilkins III

So Jim's first stab in this whole world o' trivia netted 4 responses of varying degrees of success. A newbie, Emily, ends up getting a perfect 10 this week nailing all three answers with no sweat. Chris comes in second with 7 points (missing the MEDIUM question), Kim Ma ends up in third with only the HARD answer (5 points), and our girl Carrie follows up with the EASY answer (2 points) only. Honestly... I hope you all do better this week because it's my turn again and I have no clue what I'm going to question you on this week!

Questions for October 9, 2006

EASY Q: What was the "cast" song that everyone sang in the seafood restaurant in My Best Friend's Wedding that Dionne Warwick first made famous?
EASY A: "I Say a Little Prayer"
MEDI Q: In the movie Father of the Bride (the remake from 1991 folks), what gift did Brian, the husband-to-be, give Annie, the wife-to-be, as a pre-wedding gift that got her so flustered that she almost called off the wedding?
MEDIUM A: A blender
HARD Q: In the movie American Wedding, the gay man who managed a few exotic dancers was caught in Jim's parents' house by Jim's in-laws was given what phony name to cover his real reason for being there?
HARD A: Mr. Belvedere

Not a bad week for responses! Everyone who answered got at least 1 correct answer, so there were no shut-outs this week. It's odd... the more people who do well, the happier I am. I think if no one gets anything, then they won't come back, so I try to lob a few softballs every once in a while! The points though! Jim comes in right under the wire with a perfect 10 this week. Amy, Carrie, Sharon, and Shanna all got 5 points (Easy and Medium) to tie for second. Karen gets only the Medium to grab 3 points and a third place finish. Meanwhile, our Kim Ma comes in last with 2 points getting only the Easy question. I'm thinking the time is right for another multimedia quiz next week... stay tuned.

Questions for October 2, 2006

Guest Trivia-Mistress: Karen

EASY Q: Who provides the voice of Timon in all three Lion King movies?
EASY A: Nathan Lane
MEDI Q: Who wrote the book that the Disney version of Tarzan was based upon?
MEDIUM A: Edgar Rice Burroughs
HARD Q: If you go to Disney World in Orlando, FL and get the characters to give you their autographs, what is special about Jafar's?
HARD A: Jafar makes his "J" into the head of a cobra.

Other than the "vacation" question, I did pretty well this week. Amy & I both got 5 points by nailing the EASY and MEDIUM questions. Jim came in second with a 3, getting only the MEDIUM question. At the bottom we have Kim Ma and Carrie who managed 2 with only the EASY question. Honestly, I thought Jafar was the king of the lions who was killed by Scar in THE LION KING, so I completely blew that one.

Questions for September 25, 2006

Guest Trivia-Mistress: Carrie

EASY Q: This movie featured "Baby" and Johnny.
MEDI Q: This movie featured Samantha and Jake.
HARD Q: Finally, this movie featured Bud and Sissy.

For the record, I would have only gotten the 2 point EASY question this past week. I mean, I really DO want to be honest ya know... Anyway, 2 perfects for Ms. Carrie's trivia: Chris and Jim. I'm not surprised... betweent the three of us, we've seen every movie worth watching. After Chris & Jim's perfect 10s, we have Kim Ma, Jal, and Katie all getting 5 points missing the HARD question. This week's guest trivia mistress finished last the previous week, so Karen got only 2 points to tie with me. Good luck this week!

Questions for September 18, 2006

EASY Q: An easy one... it was also a few major motion pictures...
EASY A: "Charlie's Angels"
MEDI Q: Familiar... think clacking keyboard...
MEDIUM A: "Doogie Howser, M.D."
HARD Q: If you're a guy, this is simple. A girl? Not so much.
HARD A: "Airwolf"

I'm not surprised that all of the men got the HARD question, but I am surprised that THREE of the women got it! Not that I'm sexist, but I didn't think many girls watched "Airwolf!" Anyway, we have 5 perfect weeks this week: Mongoose, France, Kat, Tim, and Heather all sweep the category. Carrie, who is my first "guest trivia-master" this week, got a 7 for a solid second place; the MEDIUM question still haunts our gal! Sharon from down undah manages a 5 for third. Karen got the MEDIUM correct for 3 points, while our Kims (Ma and Me) got the EASY one correct apiece for 2 points each. Then we have our lovely chippie, Katie who managed the anti-perfect with a big 0 this week. Anyway, better luck this week with Carrie's trivia!

Questions for September 11, 2006

EASY Q: This is the EASY picture to get you started
MEDI Q: A little bit tougher, but you can do it.
HARD Q: Familiar face... but familiar movie?

It's not even hard for him anymore... France, once again, comes up with the top score of perfect in out collegiate images game. Chris, Jal, and Carrie all manage to miss the MEDIUM question to hit the second place trifecta with 7 points apiece. Karen misses the HARD one to get 5 points and third place. Kim Ma manages a nice 5 getting only the HARD to tie for third. A newbie, U.B., decides to join up and only nails the one from his generation: the EASY question.

Questions for September 5, 2006

EASY Q: Which "mature" movie did the original Ms. New Jersey star in that disqualified her from the pagent?
EASY A: ARMAGEDDON ON -or- ARMA-GET-IT-ON (depending on how you'd pronounce it)
MEDI Q: Why did Ms. Rhode Island's mother refuse to buy the red panties that the girl eventually stole? (I am looking for two words in particular)
HARD Q: Now, the Miss USA pagent wasn't actually a pagent according to the chairperson. What was it exactly?
HARD A: "A scholarship program"

This is one of those weekend movies that TBS plays ad-nauseum, but I tend to watch bits and pieces of it every time they play it! Scary huh? Apparently a few of you also are psychotic about it as well because both Kim Ma and Amy got perfect 10s this week. Karen missed the beginning of the movie and, consequently, the EASY answer for an 8. Carrie missed the MEDIUM question, substituted "Dirty Debutante Republican Women from Mars" for the EASY answer, and nailed the HARD one for 5 points. I wish I could give points for creativity, but if I couldn't give Amy a perfect 10 last week even though she made sexual overtures to me if I did, I can't do it this week either. Oh yeah... France refused to answer due to his being a guy and not having a clue what any of the answers were. Wimp.

Questions for August 28, 2006

EASY Q: Kristy Swanson in a VERY early role for her
MEDI Q: Steve Carell coming down with a tummy-ache
HARD Q: Kevin Kline proving, once again, why the world hates us

Even though I've gotten more participation in the past, you all REALLY seemed to like the audio questions! I might have to start doing them a little more often. Shanna, in a last minute entry, ended up with a perfect 10 this week. France & Carrie tied with 7 points apiece (each missing the medium question) for second place. Third place went to Amy who lied about what bonus I'd get if I let her win (she missed the hard one). Karen missed both the medium and the hard questions to end up with a 2. In last place, Sharon answered all three and got all three WRONG! Kim Ma also put her hat in the ring, but failed to even give answers, so she gets a zero too. I promise I'll continue to find more inventive ways to ask questions in the future!

Questions for August 21, 2006

EASY Q: How many movies has Meg Ryan starred in with Tom Hanks?
MEDI Q: Meg Ryan's first BIG movie was TOP GUN where she played Goose's wife. What was her ultimatum to Goose while he was playing piano which Charlie later repeated to Maverick?
MEDIUM A: "Take me to bed, or lose me forever."
HARD Q: What movie of Meg Ryan's become more famous for her cheating on her husband, Dennis Quaid, with Russell Crowe, than the actual movie itself?

Wow... you like Meg Ryan! Subconciously I think I picked the medium question because I wanted to read so many gorgeous women telling me to take them to bed or lose them forever (except Carrie... sorry dear, but Mark might get jealous); I am such a pig. I also want to thank both Chris & Kat for calling me both gorgeous and awesome, so I put them above the rest with that +1 to the point total. See? Shamless flirting will get you ahead every time. So to the points!! As mentioned earlier, Chris & Kat get the perfect 10 + 1 to tie atop the rest with 11. Kim Ma merely goes perfect, eschewing the flirting for a simple perfect 10. Joining her in that tier is Amy who has her own perfect 10 with no bonus points (for shame). Coming up next we have Karen, Carrie (who I gave bonus points to for the COMPLETE quote in the Medium section and not just the one I was looking for to balance out her typo on the Hard answer), and France (who I was a little skeezed out that he wanted me to take him to bed or lose him forever). Finally, my gal Sharon had 2 stabs at the Medium quote but didn't quite get it either time. I think the time difference hurts dear! I'm really curious as to how everyone does this week, so let me know!!!

Questions for August 14, 2006

EASY Q: According to the precocious little bastard Ray, what two animals can smell fear?
EASY A: Dogs & Bees
MEDI Q: What was the NFL team that Rod Tidwell played wide-receiver for in the movie?
MEDIUM A: The Arizona Cardinals
HARD Q: What was the terminology that Rod used to describe Jerry sleeping with an unwed mother?
HARD A: "Shoplifting the pootie"

My favorite Irish lass living in Sherwood Forest comes up roses this week! Bernie gets a perfect 10 and is tied with the inimitable, untouchable, non-prosecuted France for perfection. After those two, Amy ends up in second place with 7 points, but is closely followed by Kangaroo Sharon with 5 points. Roo's sister Kat is rather close to the rear with 3 points, but both Kims manage to answer without getting one right for the 0 brigade this week!

Questions for August 7, 2006

EASY Q: Here's a really easy one to start off: What city did the main team, The Sentinels, play in?
EASY A: Washington, D.C.
MEDI Q: What was quarterback Shane Falco's (played by Keanu Reeves) nickname?
MEDIUM A: "Footsteps"
HARD Q: What was the aroma of the balm Shane got to soothe his bumps and bruises?
HARD A: Wild Yam

After hearing from all these women who swear that my chick-flick questions aren't needed, I got exactly 2 responses this week! I'm soooo disappointed in all of you. Kim Ma comes in first with 5 points missing the HARD question and Karen comes in second with 0 points missing all three.

Questions for July 31, 2006

EASY Q: From what state did Sydney Ellen Wade hail from originally?
EASY A: Virginia
MEDI Q: What instrument did Lucy Shepherd play?
MEDIUM A: Trombone
HARD Q: When Sydney showed up for a dinner date, President Shepherd told his daughter to inform her that he was on a call with his dentist when he was really talking to whom?
HARD A: The Prime Minister of Israel

I am SO glad Karen (the perfect 10) got a perfect 10 this week because she recommended the subject!! Tied along with that perfect 10 is another perfect 10: Jax. Coming in second would be Carrie who nailed the HARD question, but missed the other two and newbie Sherry who missed the HARD question, but GOT the other two. Chris pulls up the "I'm not last, but I only got one right" position getting the EASY answer. To pull up the rear, Kim Ma and Jal with the big goose egg. And no Jal, Lucy Shepard did NOT play the "skin flute" during the movie... maybe afterwards, but that's a different movie with a different rating.

Questions for July 24, 2006

EASY Q: Who played Joe Fox's (Tom Hanks' character) main assistant/partner/friend in the movie?
EASY A: Dave Chappelle
MEDI Q: According to Joe Fox, hat movie is said to be the answer to every question under the sun and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan's character) cannot understand why men always quote it?
HARD Q: What 1940 movie with Juh-juh-jimmy Stewaht was the basis for YOU'VE GOT MAIL?

Three answers? FOR SHAME!!! It's not like I'm even picking obscure movies! Not only THAT, but I'm picking chick flicks almost EXCLUSIVELY! I'm very upset at all of you. Amy ends up with the lone perfect score this week (I think she cheated), Karen got 3 points getting only the medium question, and Kim Ma goes Oh-fer this week. Maybe today's trivia will be more to your liking!

Questions for July 17, 2006

EASY Q: So we all know that Jennifer Love Hewett's breasts starred in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, but they also starred in its sequel. What was the sequel called?
MEDI Q: What movie was screened as part of "the deal" Mark Harmon's character made with his student, Francis "Chainsaw" Grimp, in the immortal SUMMER SCHOOL?
HARD Q: It will forever live in my memory as "the movie I was watching not knowing what the hell was happening on every OTHER channel on the morning of September 11th, 2001 because I called out of work 'sick,'" but Richard Grieco starred in IF LOOKS COULD KILL as a high-school student forced to take a trip to Europe with a school club to pass WHICH CLASS during summer school abroad?
HARD A: French Class

Only 5 answering people this week, but I'm not upset as this wasn't the easiest week in the world. France is back on top with a perfect 10, but only 1 other person answered the MEDIUM question; everyone else missed it. So, following with 7 points, Kim Ma, Karen, and Amy (Billy's Angels??) all tie in second. The only other person to get the middle question was our girl Katie who finishes up with 3 points. Better luck this week ladies!

Questions for July 10, 2006

EASY Q: Which Delaware boy is Reese Witherspoon married to?
EASY A: Ryan Phillippe
MEDI Q: In the movie SWEET HOME ALABAMA, what was Reese Witherspoon's character's MAIDEN name?
MEDIUM A: Melanie Smooter
HARD Q: In what movie did Reese Witherspoon's character have a son with Harvey Keitel's character?
HARD A: LITTLE NICKY (I'll admit, this was a somewhat trick question as there was never a time when the two of them were on-screen together, but still... the question IS valid)

Wow... for the first time in a LONG time, France didn't head up the scores! We did, however, have 4 perfect weeks from 4 lovely ladies: Mrs. Robinson, Kim Ma, Kat, and Amy all swept the questions with ease to take first place. The other three entrants all ended up with the first answer, but missed the other two. Jal, France, and a returning Carrie brought up the rear and will rebound this week... probably!

Questions for June 26, 2006

EASY Q: What famed reptilian-nicknamed adventurer was featured in 3 movies from the mid 1980s until the early 2000s that took him from Australia to New York to Los Angeles?
EASY A: Mick "Crocodile" Dundee
MEDI Q: Who was the Australian comedian who rocketed to mediocrity with the God-awful film YOUNG EINSTEIN?
MEDIUM A: Yahoo Serious
HARD Q: What infamous 1980s sitcom (originally a spinoff, but ended up staying for many years) featuring 4 main young female leads hopped on the bandwagon of 2-hour Made for TV movies with a down under vacation in the Outback and Sydney?
HARD A: "The Facts of Life"

Once again France holds sway over the ladies with his perfect 10. Either I'm making these things way too easy for him, or he's looking the answers up! Coming in second is a 3-way tie between Carrie, Kim Me, and Jal (all missing the MEDIUM question). The dynamic duo of Kim Ma and Kat follow closely behind both missing the HARD question. Now, bringing up the rear are the two ladies for which trivia is a calling: Carolina Karen and Walkabout Sharon. Better luck this week loves!

Questions for June 19, 2006

EASY Q: What was the piano song played by Goose while his wife, Maverick, and Charlie all sang along?
EASY A: "Great Balls of Fire"
MEDI Q: Where is the "Top Gun" facility located in California?
MEDIUM A: Mirimar
HARD Q: What was the pilot's call-sign who had to bail out on the "Top Gun" assignment thereby giving Maverick his shot?
HARD A: "Cougar"

My only frequent male trivia-submitter once again benefits from the click-flickian questions! So France leads the pack with a perfect 10. Close behind, with a 7, is Kim Ma (who I still don't think I know, but I'm always happy with strangers coming to my site... it's fun). Next up is our soon-to-be departing Lawrence Lady, Sharon, with a 5. Her sister, Kat, ended up with a 3 remembering the "love song" from TOP GUN instead of the one I asked about. Karen & Carrie both finished in the end with 2 points, but I have to make a nice note about Carrie: I think that woman listed every interesting nickname she could think of for that HARD answer and didn't get it right. I did love the guesses though!!!

Questions for June 4, 2006

EASY Q: What was Terry Benedict's main casino?
EASY A: The Bellagio
MEDI Q: Who was the first actor playing himself that the audience saw during Rusty's "How to play poker" seminar?
MEDIUM A: Topher Grace
HARD Q: Who met Danny upon his release from prison at the end of the film?
HARD A: Rusty & Tess

I'm both amazed AND pissed that I only got 4 responses in 2 weeks for this movie. TNT or TBS has this on pretty much EVERY weekend and HBO used to play it almost around the clock. Are we just past the point of caring or what? Anyway, I'm giving Sharon 14 points because she not only got all the answers correct, but she listed Benedict's OTHER casinos to suck up. France was close behind with a perfect 10. Kat got 7.5 because she missed half of the HARD answer (but I know that a case can be made for her answer), and Jim pulls up the rear with 5 points eschewing both of the lower point questions.

Questions for May 22, 2006

EASY Q: Before becoming "Jack," the savior of the island, Matthew Fox played in this sickeningly sweet FOX mainstay that offered us Jennifer Love-Hewitt's breasts for the first time. What was it?
EASY A: "Party of Five"
MEDI Q: Terry O'Quinn currently is the island guru "Locke," but before that he was on a FOX show that capitalized on the paranoia and supernatural wake stirred up by "The X-Files." Starring Lance Henrickson, what was this FOX show that started back in 1996?
MEDIUM A: "Millennium"
HARD Q: Believe it or not, the man you know as "Jin," Daniel Dae-Kim, spoke perfect English as an evil lawyer in a television show that lasted 5 seasons on The WB. He was only in it for the better part of 2 seasons, but still... what was the series' name?
HARD A: "Angel"

A decent amount of answers for the two week question, and we had 3 perfect scores! Kat, Carrie, and Jim all got a perfect 10. The Kims got 8 points missing only the easy question, and both Sharon and Karen got the easy questions and missed the other two. Fun times people... fun times.

Questions for May 15, 2006

EASY Q: Other than the fire-spurts and the lightning-sand, what was the other peril of the forest that Buttercup & Westley encountered?
EASY A: Rodents of Unusual Size
MEDI Q: According to Miracle Max, what does "to blave" mean?
MEDIUM A: "To bluff"
HARD Q: What was the last sentence Vizzini said before he laughed and died?
HARD A: "Never go against a Scilian when death is on the line"

I'm surprised I didn't get more entries, but I was happy to get a few GUYS this time answering the damned questions. Karen, France, & Steve all nailed the Perfect 10 this week while Kim comes in second missing the HARD question. Neither Carrie nor Katie got ANYTHING right, so let's give them a nice pat on the back (the BACK France... not the butt) and say "Better luck next time."

Questions for May 8, 2006

EASY Q: What was Baby carrying when she officially met Johnny for the first time?
EASY A: A watermelon
MEDI Q: What dance did Kellerman, Jr want Johnny and the kids to do to finish up the season?
MEDIUM A: The Pechanga
HARD Q: What was the song that Patrick Swayze sang for the movie?
HARD A: "She's Like the Wind"

So I ask about certain things and I get 2 responses over two weeks. I ask about Dirty Dancing, and I get an all-time best 11 responses! The masses hath spoken and they hath spoken about chick-flicks!! Guess I'll have to bone up on the womanly movies then huh? It was funny though; once again I made a HARD question MEDIUM because only 1 person actually knew the answer! Scary. So the breakdown is as follows: A 5-way tie for first with a newbie, Kim Ma., leading the charge at 7 along with Sharon, Carrie, Amy, and Bernie. Coming in 2nd, Jal and Cara got 5 points (although I really want to give Jal extra points for originally answering "She's Breaking Wind" for the HARD answer before correcting herself). Another new Kim, Kim Me., mislabeled the HARD answer, but was close enough to get half-credit to come in 3rd with 2.5 points. Coming in the back, Karen, Kat, and Katie all got 2 points getting only 2 points (Sorry Kat... "She's Like the Wind" wasn't played when Swayze broke into his car... it was played when he was driven out of the resort towards the end of the movie... I checked with my sister!)

Questions for April 24, 2006

EASY Q: This one is basically a grapefruit over home-plate... What "sport" do the Mellon boys compete in for the college?
EASY A: Diving
MEDI Q: Still simple, but a little less than the last. I'd call this a fastball high and inside: What actor played Derek, Jason Mellon's best-friend and roommate? Hint: He really enjoys sleeping in other people's beds when he's not incarcerated.
MEDIUM A: Robert Downey, Jr.
HARD Q: This one is a changeup down and away: What band played the dorm party that Thornton Mellon (our fair Rodney) threw that went against the jock's costume party?
HARD A: Oingo Boingo

2 weeks, numerous complaints, and only 3 responses. Urgh. Both Jal & Mrs. Robinson got the 10 out of 10, nailing all 3 questions. Carrie comes back into the fold missing only the HARD answer, but I do like the fact that she answered "Twisted Sister" because I used to think they were the greatest band ever. Yup... my tastes have always been a bit "off."

Questions for April 17, 2006

EASY Q: In the oft-maligned (and deservedly so) movie She's All That, Freddie Prinze, Jr's girlfriend at the very beginning of the movie dumps him for a guy she met at MTV's Spring Break House. This guy was supposedly on what MTV television show which made him popular enough to host the Spring Break telecast?
EASY A: "The Real World"
MEDI Q: On my 7th grade Spring Break, my school took the entire 7th grade class down to Walt Disney World in Florida via bus (well... the parents paid for it, but the school sponsored and chaperoned it). The Friday before we left, a movie featuring the man currently tasked as the Commander of the military vessel Galactica, was then charged with teaching a bunch of Latino students some extremely difficult math. What movie was this? (Yes I know this is a REAL stretch to the theme, but I really didn't know any other Spring Break movie and I already use the next movie, so I was kind of painted into a corner)
HARD Q: In the cinematic classic National Lampoon's Vacation, what phrase was graffiti'd on the side of the family truckster during their in-depth view of all the "urban plight?"
HARD A: "Honky Lips"

Hmm... methinks I madeth the questions last week a little too hard...eth. Only two of you were brave enough to answer, so here goes the quick breakdown. Jimmy-boy gets a perfect 10 with all 3 questions correct, but he is ever-so-closely followed up by my lovely and wonderful cousin Sharon who missed only the HARD question. And let's face it folks... is "honky lips" really part of the American lexicon? Really...

Questions for April 10, 2006
EASY Q: This movie about a wrongly-convicted man sent to a prison where he makes friends and eventually tunnels out is on TNT all the time and has become one of the most beloved movies even being deemed a "New Classic." So what was the short-story's name from which this Tim Robbins movie was based upon?
EASY A: "Rita Hayworth & the Shawshank Redemption"
MEDIUM Q: The Oscar-winning film THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was based upon the novel of the same name by author Thomas Harris. How many of his books featured Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter as the main antagonist?
MEDIUM A: 1 (Red Dragon was based around Francis "The Tooth Fairy" Dolarhyde, The Silence of the Lambs was based around Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb, and Hannibal was the only one of the books featuring Hannibal Lecter to be actually centered around him.)
HARD Q: The movie 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU shared this Shakespeare comedy's plot with the most memorable episode of the '80s television show "Moonlighting." It featured a man and his love for the younger of two sisters, but there was no chance of him courting her unless the older of the two sisters would be taken first. Problems arise and hilarity doth ensue! What was the play's name?
HARD A: "The Taming of the Shrew"

I kind of feel bad for the semi-trick question about Hannibal Lecter, but not really. Please note that I made sure to say how many "books beatured Dr. Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lecter as the main antagonist" and not how many movies. The movies played the character up much more than the books did! Hell, I'm even willing to consider TSotL as a second one if necessary, but every person who answered had 3 or more. Sorry ladies... But here is the run-down of the points: DLR got both the EASY and the HARD while Sharon, Karen, Amy, & Cara all got the HARD question without the other two. Better luck this week!

Questions for April 4, 2006
EASY Q: This damme-good movie was actually turned into a television show (which didn't last a season) and spawned a direct-to-video sequel about law-enforcers who traveled through the slipstream to stop criminals from changing events. What was the movie title?
MEDIUM Q: In what movie did Mick "My lips are too big for ANYONE'S face" Jagger play a time-traveling bounty-hunter who had to bring in Emilio Estevez?
HARD Q: Mark Twain (yes, this is actually a literature question) wrote a novel about a New England gentleman who was transported back to medieval Camelot. If it helps, the movie version starred Bing Crosby. What book am I talking about?
HARD A: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Out of the 3 of you who answered at least one question, everyone got the HARD Question which means that it probably wasn't that hard. Sorry. To tally the point, Mongoose got a perfect 10 answering all 3 of the questions correctly. He was closely followed by a 7 from Carrie and she was closely followed by a 5 from Karen. My lovely cousin Kathleen answered the questions by not answering the questions telling me that she didn't like any of the questions this week. Bah! Every one of you did like the new comments box however, so I'll leave that around!!!

Questions for March 27, 2006
EASY Q: Even though it doesn't fall into Brian & Shanna's criteria of "Bill only likes shows featuring aliens," it's still considered science-fiction. This show was all about a man with a famous playwright's name going through time and "putting things right that once went wrong." Name the show.
EASY A: "Quantum Leap"
MEDIUM Q: The very first "Survivor" winner was a gentleman by the name of Richard Hatch. Oddly enough, there was a real actor who happened to be on a favorite TV show of mine in 1978 who was ALSO named Richard Hatch. What space-mythology hybrid am I referring to which starred this first Hatch?
MEDIUM A: "Battlestar Galactica"
HARD Q: No one has worse days than Jack Bauer on the great show "24." Over the 5 seasons (each one, of course, encompassing only one day), how many United States presidents have been in office in terms of "24 Presidents" and not "Actual Sitting Presidents?"
HARD A: 4 (and I know you'll ask, so: the president during the first season when Palmer was running, Palmer himself, John Keelor, the senator who blackmailed Palmer into resigning, and Charles Logan who took over when Keelor died in the Air Force One attack).

Ooo... 3 out of 4 people got the easy AND medium questions correct, but no one got the HARD question. I think people forgot about Keelor... anyway, Kim, Carrie, and France all got 5 points and I'm giving my dear cousin Kathleen 1.5 points for getting "Galactica" instead of "Battlestar Galactica." Hey... it's my contest and I'll bend the rules if I wanna.

Questions for March 20, 2006
EASY Q: Billy Joel wrote the song "Uptown Girl" for what former supermodel which wooed her into becoming his wife?
EASY A: Christie Brinkley
MEDIUM Q: There is this song called "My Life" that Billy Joel wrote that was turned into a theme song for an early 1980s Television Show. What was that show?
MEDIUM A: "Bosom Buddies"
HARD Q: Billy Joel was the first western act to play in The Soviet Union since the Berlin Wall went up in 1961. He played 2 Russian cities during the summer of 1987. Name those cities (Note: I chose for you to name both, because EVERYONE knows at least one Russian city and that would be too easy.)
HARD A: Moscow & Lenningrad

Only 2 perfect women this week. Both Carrie and Jal got all three Joel Questions correct and kudos to those who knew that Lenningrad is now St. Petersburg. The lovely Karen comes in second missing only the medium question. Sharon and Katie both missed the Hard Question (Katie's friend didn't even get the right country on the second one!), while France brings up the rear getting only the easy one.

Questions for March 14, 2006
EASY Q: In American finance, "IRA" has one meaning but the people on the island of Ireland have a different idea of the meaning. So, keeping that in mind, what is the meaning of "IRA" over in the British Isles?
EASY A: Irish Republican Army
MEDIUM Q: Everyone knows about the Leprechauns over in Ireland and their penchant for being trecherous about their pots of gold, but what Celtic-based spirit curses all who hear their screams?
MEDIUM A: Banshee
HARD Q: Other than St. Patrick, there are 2 other recognized Patron Saints of Ireland. Name either one (BOTH will get you double-points).
HARD A: Saints Brigid & Columba

I'm not surprised to see that Sharon and Kathleen led the pack with a 15 (double-points for naming the two other Irish Patron Saints), but they did tie with France who did the same. Amy got 12 (doubling up on the HARD question, but missing the MEDIUM one) while my favorite pregnant rock-band groupie, Kelly Bo, got a perfect 10 with her three correct answers. Bringing up the rear (and what fine rears they have) are both Karen and Katie getting the Easy questions right, but missing the other two. Tsk-tsk... everyone should have gotten the hard question as I listed BOTH of the names in my BLOG. Guess SOME of you don't read huh???

Questions for February 28th, 2006
EASY Q: Which albino-named hair-band group typified the entire idea of a hot babe slithering over the hood of a luxury automobile? movie?
EASY A: Whitesnake
MEDIUM Q: Which pigmentation-challenged hard-rock group had concerts and videos that resembled schlock horror movies than anything else and whose leader (and band's namesake) has become a director of very bad horror movies himself?
MEDIUM A: White Zombie
HARD Q: Which pale-ass pseudo-hair-band rock group from the 1980s featured a really horrible song called "When The Children Cry?"
HARD A: White Lion

I left this one up for a bit because I wanted everyone to suffer as I did remembering that God-awful song by White Lion. I still shudder about that damn thing... Anyway, a LOT of people answered! Let's see who did what now, shall we? Amy, Chris, and France all got perfect scores answering all 3 questions correctly. Sharon just missed a perfect by answering "Rob Zombie" instead of "White Zombie," so I gave her half-credit for the medium question. Karen got the Easy and the Hard questions to stay above the bottom as Carrie got the Easy and Medium to tie Kat who only answered the Hard one. You ladies (and France) rock! You can't see it, but I'm doing the Dio Devil Horns right now with my tongue out... yeah.

Questions for February 20th, 2006
EASY Q: What formerly on-top-of-the-world rapper of the 1990s turned Surreal Lifer of the 2000s performed the theme for The Addams Family movie?
EASY A: MC Hammer
MEDIUM Q: In Addams Family Values, Wednesday & Pugsley were sent to Camp Chippewa, run by Gary Granger and Becky Martin-Granger, for the summer. Wednesday met a boy named Joel Glicker who became her first real boyfriend. The easy question is: What CURRENT television show features the actor who played Joel and the actor who played Gary as brilliant minds who assist the law enforcement community?
MEDIUM A: "Numbers"
HARD Q: So Gomez & Morticia had another son in Addams Family Values. The funny part about this is their son was played by twin girls! Even though that was the case, what was the third Addams child's name? (I'm looking for the first name here)
HARD A: Pubert

Wow... what a response this week! No one got them all right, but out of the 6 people that responded, every question did have a correct answer at one point or another. Amy, Mrs. Robinson, and Sharon all managed to get 8 points with the Medium and Hard questions answered correctly. France, all by his lonesome got 7 points with the Easy and Hard questions answered correctly and both Jim & Kathleen brought up the rear with 5 points having both the Easy and Medium questions right. Good job peeps!!

Questions for February 13th, 2006
EASY Q: The American Broadcast Corporation (ABC), in their infinite wisdom, canceled a wonderful show back in the late 1990s which dealt with Jeremy Piven's lead character trying to set 100 couples up so he could "return home" (even if everyone else thought he was absolutely crazy. What was the show's name? (I rank this as EASY because the name of the show is basically logic here people...)
EASY A: "Cupid"
MEDIUM Q: David Boreanaz took time out of his busy Vampiric schedule back in the mid-to-late 1990s with an aptly titled horror movie where a cherub-masked killer slaughtered women who rejected him in high-school. What was this "aptly-titled" horror movie?
HARD Q: A fun one for you: On "The Simpsons," what did the Valentine's Card that Lisa gave to Ralphie THE FIRST TIME say?
HARD A: "I choo-choo-choose you..." (complete with a train on the card)

Well only three people this week and it seems that it was "Billy's Angels" time because all 3 were ladies. Was it the fact that I sent out Valentine's Cards? Who knows. Anyway, Amy got 5 points to lead the group just edging out Carrie who took 2 stabs at the Medium before getting it correct, so I gave her half-credit to bring her total to 3.5 points. Heather just is in the rear with a 3 point performance. Better luck this week!

Question for February 6th, 2006
EASY Q: What Super Bowl winning quarterback embarrassed himself by drunkenly hitting on Suzy Kolber at the Super Festivities a couple of years ago prompting the entire country to cry out "GO TO REHAB YA DAMNED DRUNK!"?
EASY A: "Broadway" Joe Namath
MEDIUM Q: In the Seinfeld episode "The Label Maker," Jerry was given two seats to The Super Bowl. At the very end of the episode, two characters are there. Who are they?
MEDIUM A: Jerry & Newman
HARD Q: In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, who did the Miami Dolphins play in that Super Bowl at the end of the movie?
HARD A: (A very generic-looking) Philadelphia Eagles

I was impressed this week! The lovely "Mrs. Robinson" got a perfect score and a number of people got half of the medium correct, so I gave them half-credit. So Eric missed by a half and ended up with 8.5 points, France answered only the HARD question for 5 points, the wonderful Amy got 5 points by answering the EASY and MEDIUM questions, and Boston Kat the Cousin got the EASY and half the MEDIUM getting 3.5 points total. Good luck this week!

Question for January 30th, 2006
EASY Q: What was Jamie-Lee Curtis' first name from the movie?
EASY A: Ophelia ("yeah... Hamlet's girlfriend. She went crazy and killed herself."
MEDIUM Q: What drug was Winthorp accused of selling upon his arrest?
MEDIUM A: "PCP... Angel Dust" (Spoken by Frank Oz... the voice of Fozzy Bear!)
HARD Q: What brand of cigarettes was smoked and unceremoniously "put-out" on the Persian Carpets in Billy Ray's new house?
HARD A: "Who's been puttin out they Kools on my flo'?"

As I expected, Mongoose swept the questions with ease getting all three correct. A newcomer, Mike, managed to get 5 points nailing both the EASY and MEDIUM, when Mrs. Robinson, France, and Carrie all tied getting only the EASY question right. I expect a LOT of people will skip this week...

Question for January 23rd, 2006
EASY Q: What happened every time Frau Blücher's name was uttered?
EASY A: Horses whinnied
MEDIUM Q: What was the name Igor gave when Victor asked him where he got the brain for his monster?
MEDIUM A: "Abby Normal"
HARD Q: Who played the Blind Villager that the monster sits to eat with?
HARD A: Gene Hackman

Only two submissions this week!!! Of course both Carrie & France got all 3 answers correct. I guess the rest of you aren't YOUNG FRANKENSTIEN fans huh? Too bad. Let's see about TRADING PLACES shall we?

Question for January 17th, 2006
EASY Q: What was the candy-bar that caused the pool to be drained?
EASY A: A Baby Ruth
MEDIUM Q: Who was the artist who provided the majority of the music to CADDYSHACK?
MEDIUM A: Kenny Loggins
HARD Q: Between what time and what time did "Caddy Day" at the pool last?
HARD A: 1pm - 1:15pm

Everyone who submitted their answers got both the EASY and MEDIUM answers, but only one person got the right time-period with the wrong time for the HARD question. So I congratulate France, Sharon, Carrie, and Mrs. Robinson for answering and getting 5 points apiece. How will you all do THIS week?

Question for January 12th, 2006
EASY Q: This TV show, now in its 5th season, detailed the first year of residency for 3 brand-new doctors in ITS first year. Since that year, it has continued to follow those new docs. Featuring my boy Johnny McGinley, what show is this?
EASY A: "Scrubs"
MEDIUM Q: What movie featured a man who ran a temp agency masquerading as the most powerful temporary employee in the free world?
HARD Q: In the brilliant movie Coming To America, Eddie Murphy's character and Arsenio Hall's character get jobs for the first time in their lives. Which fast-food restaurant did they end up working for?
HARD A: McDowell's

Both Stephen & Kat knew the easy and the hard questions while Sharon, Carrie, and Amy all got the Easy but missed the Hard answer by syllables. No one got the Medium question! The most powerful temporary position in the free world? President of the United States! C'mon now people... I can't spell it out for you each and every time. Oh... despite being very gorgeous, Karen didn't get one correct. She and Carrie were both thinking THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS for the medium answer, so fake points for bringing that one up!

Question for December 27th, 2005
EASY Q: What movie, that everyone probably received with the purchase of their first DVD player, featured Catherine Zeta-Jones as a theif partnering up (in more ways than one) with an old man to steal a ton of money as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve?
MEDIUM Q: After striking gold with White Men Can't Jump, producers stuck Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson in Money Train where they ripped off a MTA Train in NYC on NYE. HOWEVER... what was their FIRST movie together?
HARD Q: This completely forgettable film in my collection was purchased because I had a gift-card and I had no other prospects on which to use it on, so... What 2005 film featured Ethan Hawke as the leader of a rag-tag group of cops & cons trying to save themselves from corrupt cops bent on invading the station house and killing the lead mobster?

Only two people dared to answer this one which is why I left it up for so long! Amy got both the medium AND hard questions correct, but missed the easy one for a score of 8. Sharon got the easy and hard questions correct, but missed the medium for a score of 7. A close one, but TigerTuf hauls it out.

Question for December 13th - December 26th, 2005
Q1: The song "Do They Know It's Christmas" was done by a large contingent of the day's biggest UK acts. The most quoted line is "Tonight thank God it's them... instead of you." Who sings that line that everyone makes fun of?
A1: Bono (of the group U2... duh)
Q2: Easy one... name the reindeer that were mentioned in "The Night Before Christmas."
A2: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen
Q3: From the "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Christmas special, what did the elf Hermie want to be other than a toy-maker?
A3: A dentist
Q4: What stop-motion animation production company gave us the "Rudolph" Christmas Specials as well as the "Santa Claus" special?
A4: Rankin-Bass
Q5: How many TOTAL birds are featured in the song "The 12 Days of Christmas?"
A5: 23 (1 Partridge + 2 Turtle-Doves + 3 French Hens + 4 Calling Birds + 6 Geese, and 7 Swans)
Q6: In A Miracle on 34th Street (the original mind you... I don't do remakes), what 2 stores were battling back and forth for the almighty Christmas dollar?
A6: Macys & Gimbels
Q7: What 3 animals did Snoopy act out for his role in the Christmas play?
A7: Cow, Sheep, & a penguin
Q8: In the 1988 TV Movie "A Very Brady Christmas," which two original cast members did NOT appear in the movie (in the spirit of giving, I'll accept the character names OR the real names)? Hint: One was a series regular, the other was a regular guest (and by regular guest, I mean this person appeared in numerous episodes as the SAME character who was actually involved in multiple "plot" lines for the show).
A8: Susan "Cindy Brady" Olsen & Alan "Sam 'Da Butcher' Franklin" Melvin
Q9: In a holiday classic, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, who played the snotty female neighbor to the Griswold Family?
A9: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Q10: One of the greatest "Saturday Night Live" Christmas skits featured Dan Ackroyd as president of what toy company that specialized in absolutely harmful toys for children?
A10: Mainway Toys/Enterprises
Q11: What phobia did Charlie Brown get diagnosed with in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by Lucy Van Pelt?
A11: Pantaphobia (a fear of everything)
Q12: Who sent Ralphie that God-awful pink rabbit suit he had to wear in A Christmas Story?
A12: His Aunt Clara
I gave everyone 1 point per question answered FULLY and CORRECTLY. Everyone basically guessed Ralphie's aunt, but no one knew her name. No points for you! So there is the list of questions and correct answers and here is the breakdown of points: Carrie, Karen, and Kat all tied with a best 5 of 12. Tied for second are Amy & Hogweed with 4 out of 12, and Sharon brings up the reindeer-rear with only 3. Fa-la-la-la-la... la-la... la... la!
Question for November 30th, 2005
EASY Q: I was watching a DVR recording of "House" last week and I noticed him walking out of his abode. While the street name wasn't specifically mentioned, the address was suberbly featured in the shot as "221-B." What legendary character once lived on a street named "Baker" in that exact number?
EASY A: Sherlock Holmes
MEDIUM Q: I was in Best Buy getting some CDs a few days back and I walked through the "Rock/Pop" section (which is just sad because Rock and Pop are distinctly different) and came across Blind Melon's first album. I thought about the first time I bought that album and why. I think it was because I had seen their lead singer, Shannon Hoon, in another band's video and was brainwashed by corporate America into buying it. Which band was accompanied by Shannon on the top of a skyscraper warbling into a mic at night? For double-points: What was the video?
MEDIUM A: Band: Guns 'n' Roses. Video: "Don't Cry"
HARD Q: I was in charge of making some appetizers for the guys this past Sunday and I was doing an early Sunday run to Ye Olde Supermarket. In the express line I stood behind a woman who may have had 13 types of item, but well more than 13 individual items. To my left I saw the smiling picture of Jennifer Aniston on one of the nameless tabloid covers which prompted me to think: "What was the first movie Angelina Jolie got topless in?" I got home and checked; I was wrong. Cyborg 2 in 1993 was her first, but what movie in 1995 (her second topless scene) was I thinking of?

The random thoughts got some random answers! Every question got answered correctly at least once during the onslaught of answers, so here is the run-down! Carrie shared top honors with Mongoose as they both answered the EASY and HARD questions correctly. Amy and France tied in points, but Amy got the HARD question while France got the EASY and MEDIUM questions (he was the only one to answer the MEDIUM right too). The lovely Karen got only the EASY question, but my gal-pal Jal ended up with a festive goose-egg having got none!

Question for November 14th, 2005
EASY Q: Joss Whedon hit the ball out of the park with both "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," but, according to the Neilsons, he faltered with this Science-Fiction TV show a few years ago. What was that show?
EASY A: "Firefly"
MEDIUM Q: Based upon Anthony Bourdain's culinary semi-autobiography of the same name, FOX-TV just cancelled this half-hour sitcom after only airing 4 episodes. Name that show!
MEDIUM A: "Kitchen Confidential"
HARD Q: This was the very first casualty of this television series having aired only 1 episode. Just because it starred the former "Robin" from the horrible BATMAN films doesn't mean it should have died that quickly. What was the show?
HARD A: "Head Cases"

All 4 lovely ladies who answered this one this week (which is odd because Karen sent me a couple nasty-grams telling me to change the trivia and then didn't even bother answering!) got both the Easy AND Medium questions right for a 4-way tie at 5 points. So to Kathleen, Jal, Amy, and Carrie: Kudos to youdos!

Question for October 20th, 2005
EASY Q: Real easy: What was the main child character's name (First AND Last please!)?
EASY A: Charlie Bucket
MEDIUM Q: If we look at the following list of children, in which order did they drop out of the tour?
1. Mike Teevee 2. Veruca Salt 3. Augustus Gloop 4. Violet Beauregarde

MEDIUM A: 3 - 4 - 2 - 1
HARD Q: Name one of the four threats that the Oompaloompas faced back home in Loompaland. You know... the things that tried to eat them! No, I won't count against you if you make a close effort with the spelling.
HARD A: Wangdoodle, Hornswaggler, Snozzwanger, or Rotten Vermicious Knids

I left this up for a while before I was yelled at to change it, so I am. Here is the run-down for our long-lasting trivia: Both Bernie and Amy got perfect scores to lead the pack. Carrie managed to get the easy one right, but not the other two while Karen, Sharon, and Heather went a perfect 0 for 3 in their answers. Remember... I asked for Charlie's first AND last name!

Question for October 3rd, 2005
EASY Q: What was the name of the bat that Roy Hobbs created from the lightning-struck tree in The Natural
EASY A: "Wonder Boy"
MEDIUM Q: How many actors were in all 3 of the Major League movies?
MEDIUM A: 3 (Corbin Bernsen, Bob Uecker, & Dennis Haysbert)
HARD Q: A couple of years back, CBS tried to put forth a drama about a kid who finally made it to his dream job of being a batboy for a fictitious team. What was the name of this series that lasted almost a month before it was cancelled?
HARD A: Clubhouse

The reason I let this one drag so long was that no one really gave a damn about baseball! I only got 3 responses, so here they are in decending order: Sharon got 3 points for the Medium answer. France got 2 points for the Easy answer. Carrie got 0 points for missing all three (but I will give her credit for actually admitting to watching the Clubhouse pilot even though she forgot the title. Here's hoping more for this week!

Question for September 26th, 2005
EASY Q: Mandy Patinkin is in a brand new show called Criminal Minds on CBS. Before that, he was probably best known for playing what revenge-based character in a very famous movie?
EASY A: Inigo Montoya (from The Princess Bride)
MEDIUM Q: What was the vampiric name of Stuart Townsend in that huge (and very poorly received), well, Vampire movie he was in a couple years before he became the Night Stalker on ABC?
MEDIUM A: Lestat (from Queen of the Damned)
HARD Q: The first female President of the United States, at least on ABC's Commander-In-Chief, Geena Davis made her film debut in this cross-dressing comedy. Name that film!
HARD A: Tootsie

Another nice turnout for my little brain-fest this week. I love you all! So who won? Well it was another tie for first with Chris & France sweeping all the questions and getting a perfect 10. Had both Carrie & Amy answered the Medium question with the NAME of the character instead of the movie, it would have been a four-way tie, but alas not and they both get 7s. Erin comes in next getting 6 points (I gave half-credit for the easy question she answered "Indigo") and Karen brings up her lovely rear with a lowly 2. I'll be utterly amazed if anyone gets a perfect this week!

Question for September 19th, 2005
EASY Q: In release order, what was the sequence of Star Wars films (Episode Numbers only)?
EASY A: IV, V, VI, I, II, III (for the Romanically-impaired: 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3)
MEDIUM Q: How many actors OFFICIALLY played James Bond from 1962 (Dr. No) to 2002 (Die Another Day)?
MEDIUM A: 5 (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan)
HARD Q: How many movies were Benjamin Bratt & Sandra Bullock in together?
HARD A: 2 (Demolition Man and Miss Congeniality)

WOW! What a response to that last trivia! So here is the run down from the bottom up (because top-down is SOOOoooo last year): France gets the easy one (duh... it was Star Wars) and nothing else. Joining him in the last place of trivia is Karen who also grabbed the easy ring only. Our second-tier people were Mongoose, Sharon, Jal, and Jonathan got the easy AND the medium questions correct. Of course that leaves ourselves a tie for first. Trivia-Monger Amy comes in with a perfect 10 and, venturing out from the safe confines of the football pool, Andy decides to join and grab himself a perfect 10 on his first shot. Good stuff people!

Question for September 12th, 2005
EASY Q: The Longest Yard was recently remade. Who played the lead in the original movie AND who played the lead in the remake?
EASY A: Burt Reynolds & Adam Sandler
MEDIUM Q: This movie is one of those classics that many men will, uncharacteristically, admit crying to. It features Billy Dee Williams & James Caan. What was the title of this 1970s masterpiece?
MEDIUM A: Brian's Song
HARD Q: Which actor was in all of the following 3 football movies: Necessary Roughness, The Program, and Any Given Sunday?
HARD A: Andrew Bynarski

My first one in a while that didn't get anyone a PERFECT!! As a matter of fact, only 3 people attempted this one... Karen and Sharon both got half of the easy for 1 point + the medium for 3 points giving them 4 apiece. Amy got both points of the easy + the medium for 3 points giving her 5 total and making her the winner!

Question for September 5th, 2005
EASY Q: In the opening theme song, what was Gilligan described as?
EASY A: "The mate was a mighty salin' man..."
MEDIUM Q: How many passengers set sail that day on a 3-Hour tour?
MEDIUM A: 5 passengers + 2 crewmen = 7 castaways!
HARD Q: In the ORIGINAL theme song, which two castaways were NOT mentioned?
HARD A: The Professor & Maryanne. They were referred to as "the rest" in the original song.

While it wasn't the toughest of the bunch, I at least didn't get EVERYONE going 3-for-3 and getting a perfect 10! The top-scorers of perfection were Mongoose, John, and Colleen. Karen got 2 (missing both the medium and hard questions) while the fair Heather went 0-for-3 in a rare feat of reverse perfection.

Question for August 29th, 2005
EASY Q: Just because I want to see you all butcher the spelling of this word, what was the song that Dick Van Dyke sang in the Disney movie MARY POPPINS that had the extremely-long title?
EASY A: "Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious"
MEDIUM Q: Which Disney movie, set in Great Britan during WWII, featured a witch, enchanted armor, and an animated world both above and below the water?
MEDIUM A: Bedknobs and Broomsticks
HARD Q: The greatest of Disney's "live action" movies featured Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara. Unfortunately it was remade in the 1990s. Name it.
HARD A: The Parent Trap

The run-down this week? Katie's co-worker Kim got 7 points and Katie's other co-worker Karen (what's with all the "K" names??) got 7 as well even completely fabricating a movie name! Cousin Kat got 7 points skipping only the Medium Question. Somebody named Thomas missed the easy question (but props for "Chim-chimminey") and got the other two for a total of 8 points. The rest were all perfect: France got a perfect 10 pointer sweep. Karen got a perfect 10 for a perfect 10. Da birthday girl, Jal, got a perfect 10. Amy returns with a perfect 10 and my boy Goose joins the fun with a perfect 10. Guess I need to make 'em a lot tougher this week!!!

Question for August 8th, 2005
EASY Q: Which Monkee was lead singer on the least amount of Monkee's recordings?
EASY A: Peter Tork
MEDIUM Q: Mike Nesmith
MEDIUM A: Hamlet
HARD Q: Who actually wrote Daydream Believer for The Monkees?
HARD A: Neil Diamond

I love The Monkees... Anyway, Hogweed got 2 poins missing the MEDIUM and HARD Questions. France got 3 points missing the EASY and HARD Questions. Sharon got 5 points missing the HARD Question. But, to top them all, my boy Johnny Klein got the big 15 with a solid-sweep of the answers. What a Monkees dork!

Question for August 1st, 2005
EASY Q: This internationally-known movie featured men forced to strip due to their lack of work. What was the movie's title?
EASY A: The Full Monty
MEDIUM Q: In the movie REINASSANCE MAN, Danny DeVito is forced to take a job teaching English to the Army's new recruits because he was on unemployment. What was the play they ended up learning about?
MEDIUM A: Hamlet
HARD Q: Michael Keaton was MR. MOM after being laid off in the movie of the same name. His wife went to work for an advertising agency and landed a big food account. What was it?
HARD A: Schooner Tuna

The "hard" question was to separate the geeks from the movie-watchers. I got 2 people who guessed the food in the question, but no one got the brand. I gave half-credit though. Without further ado, here's the weekly run-down: Bernie led the pack with 7.5 points and we had a 3-way tie for 2nd with Sharon, Karen, and France all with 5 points. Jal brings up the best of the rest with 4.5 points followed by Amy with 3 points, and Erin is last but not least only answering the easy question correctly getting her 2 points.

Question for July 26th, 2005
EASY Q: This spin-off of "Beverly Hills 90210" began with a very short stint by a construction worker being fawned over by Kelly Taylor. Name it.
EASY A: Melrose Place
MEDIUM Q: This spin-off from "Perfect Strangers" started out with a next-door neighbor as a recurring character. By the end of its run, the show centered around that neighbor. What was the show?
MEDIUM A: Family Matters
HARD Q: There were 3 spin-offs from "Happy Days." Name them.
HARD A: Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, and Joanie Loves Chachi

Bernie got a goose-egg because she's Irish. Kim got 8 points because she missed the Easy question. Amy (no Katie... not THAT one) got 5 points as she missed the Hard question. France followed suit with another 5 points and my cousin Sharon gets back from Ireland to get a perfect 10!

Question for July 18th, 2005
EASY Q: What war was being fought on "M.A.S.H."?
EASY A: The Korean War
MEDIUM Q: What "friend"ly actress got her break playing the TV Ferris Bueller's older sister in that short-lived sitcom?
MEDIUM A: Jennifer Aniston
HARD Q: What newlywed actress first came into TV households playing Tess McGill in the quickly-cancelled sitcom "Working Girl"?
HARD A: Sandra Bullock

Apparently I hit upon a subject everyone knows about!!! I got 6 people who e-mailed and 3 of them got all three questions correct! Those brainiacs were Bernie, France, & Amy. Katie got 3 points, Ed got 3 points, and my soon-to-be-returning-from-Iraq-and-better-have-his-ass-on-a-military-transport-NOW cousin Eric got 5 points (missing the hard questions). Good job people!

Question for July 4th, 2005
EASY Q: What was the pirate's name who hid the "rich stuff" The Goonies were looking for?
EASY A: One-Eyed Willie
MEDIUM Q: What was the candy-bar that both Chunk & Sloth loved so much?
MEDIUM A: Baby Ruth
HARD Q: In which state is the town of "Astoria" located in the movie?
HARD A: Oregon

Apparently I hit upon a subject everyone knows about!!! I got 6 people who e-mailed and 3 of them got all three questions correct! Those brainiacs were Bernie, France, & Amy. Katie got 3 points, Ed got 3 points, and my soon-to-be-returning-from-Iraq-and-better-have-his-ass-on-a-military-transport-NOW cousin Eric got 5 points (missing the hard questions). Good job people!

Question for June 26th, 2005
EASY Q: What was the bar everyone went to in THREE'S COMPANY?
EASY A: The Regal Beagle
MEDIUM Q: Who were the three Drummond house-keepers (in chronological order) from DIFF'RENT STROKES?
MEDIUM A: Edna (Garrett), Adelaide (Brubaker), & Pearl (Gallagher)
HARD Q: What was the first AND last name of David Silver's friend from BEVERLY HILLS 90210 who shot himself while playing with his dad's gun?
HARD A: Scott Scanlon

Not one person knew anything this week. You all suck and I laugh at you. So, in the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: HA-HA!

Question for June 20th, 2005
EASY Q: Finish this quote from GREASE: "A hickie from Kenickie is like..."
EASY A: "...a Hallmark Card. [When you care enough to send the very best]."
MEDIUM Q: Who said "All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break 'em for no one. Do you understand?"
MEDIUM A: Tony Montana (Al Pacino in Scarface)
HARD Q: What movie featured the line "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world he didn't exist?"
HARD A: The Usual Suspects

Our first PERFECT WEEK came from France who got the big 10. Amy got 7 points missing the MEDIUM Question and Eric grabbed 8 points missing only the EASY Question.

Question for June 14th, 2005
EASY Q: What did the kid name himself in Adam Sandler's BIG DADDY?
EASY A: Frankenstein
MEDIUM Q: According to the delivery guy in that movie, what did Sonny & Julian go together like?
MEDIUM A: Lamb & Tuna-Fish
HARD Q: Which baseball player was mentioned when Kevin confessed to his wife that Julian was his son and explained about the time he was in Toronto?
HARD A: Joe Carter or Mitch Williams

Only 3 people answered last week's decidedly "chick-flick" friendly series. Amy got 5 points, The Herrs' Chicks got 2 points, and France got the Hard Answer to get 5 points.

Question for June 6th, 2005
EASY Q: What was the restaurant chain that caused Jerry & Kramer to swap apartments?
EASY A: Kenny Rogers' Roasters
MEDIUM Q: What was the replacement hat made out of that Jerry's friend, Bob Sackamato, found for Elaine to try and appease the J. Peterman auditor?
HARD Q: What was Kramer's dummy's name?
HARD A: "Mr. Marbles"

5 people e-mailed with 4 trying to answer and 1 being a snot. So Amy & the Herrs Girls led the pack with 5 points each. Eric came in next with 2 points and France was dead-last with every answer WRONG. Oops.

Question for May 30th, 2005
EASY Q: Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?
EASY A: John Wilkes Boothe
MEDIUM Q: What did the assassin say before shooting Abraham Lincoln?
MEDIUM A: "Sic Semper Tyrannus" (Thus forever to tyrants)
HARD Q: What play were the Lincolns attending at Ford's Theatre that night?
HARD A:"Our American Cousin"

Only 3 people even bothered answering this week! Sheesh! Mark got all 10 points answering all 3 parts correctly while Amy got 7 points (missing Boothe's exhortation), and France got 5 points missing the play's name.

Question for May 23rd, 2005
Q: Which of the MAIN Facts of Life girls was the first to lose their virginity on the show? No... Mrs. Garrett does NOT count, but BONUS points if you can tell me who they lost it TO!
A: Natalie Green (lost to her boyfriend "Snake")

A lot of right answers this week so I guess you're all good guessers OR you're major TV dorks!!! The kudos go to Tim (who even knew who the boyfriend was... geek), Eric, Erin, & Katie's co-workers.

Question for May 16th, 2005
Q: What were the last SPOKEN words in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi?
A: "He's my brother." (Spoken by Leia to Han)

Only 2 responses this week and I'm not all that surprised. Mark got it wrong and France got it right.

Question for May 9th, 2005
Q: What other movie did Danny Glover (Murtaugh), Steve Kahan (Murphy), and Mel Gibson (Riggs) all appear in outside of this series?
A: Maverick

Mark, Tim, Steve (extra points for answering like "Jeopardy," and France all got this right. Everyone else got it wrong!

Question for May 2nd, 2005
Q: What kind of creature WAS the Ugly Ducking actually?
A: A Swan

Bernie even went the extra mile calling it a "Cygnet." So, the roll call goes as follows: Tim, Jal, Karen, Amy (who I have no idea who that is), Hogweed, Dave, and Bernie.

Question for April 25th, 2005
Q: Who was Maverick's co-pilot during the climactic dog-fight?
A: Lt. Sam "Merlin" Wells (played by Tim Robbins)

Both Tim & Snyder got both the actor's name and the Call-Sign (even though Snyder cheated and gave me his full name so I know he looked it up). France got the actor's name only and my cousin Dave got the call-sign only. Everyone else was WRONG!